B2B Lead Generation Services: Utilizing email Marketing to the Maximum

Companies aiming to enhance the efficiency of their B2B lead generation services employ various methods to get new business leads and thus expand their clientele. Some of them hire seasoned lead generation companies to handle this ordeal, others prefer to buy business leads, the third category adopts a DIY approach and develops a comprehensive strategy of B2B sales lead generation.

If you are among the latter you are sure to pay lots of attention to content, leverage social media, referrals, guest blogging, and make the most use of your current customers to get them interested in the goods and services that they might have overlooked or didn’t know about. However, any IT-powered B2B lead generation efforts would be incomplete or even deficient if they don’t embrace an email marketing component.

Why Does Your Business Need Email Marketing among Its Lead Generation Tools?

In a world, where cutting-edge technologies enable face-to-face communication and immediate contacts as primary B2B online lead generation channels, good old emails may seem obsolete. Writing to someone and waiting for the response indefinitely may appear a sheer waste of time in our hectic 21st century when we are all in a hurry to get whatever we want on short notice.

No one denies the great efficiency of talking to the prospective clients live but neglecting other auxiliary lead generating instruments means leaving quite a lot of stones unturned. More so, given the constant growth of the number of sent and received emails, ignoring email marketing by any B2B venture bent on expansion is a felony.

Besides, email marketing has two undeniable boons.

  • Affordability. You don’t pay for sending emails unlike it happens with the services of mobile operators, companies that sell lead lists, and other agents involved in establishing a communication line between you and your future leads.
  • A high potential buy-in. As a rule, leads obtained through emails turn out to be more predisposed to long-term cooperation and maintaining lasting contact.

However, turning email marketing into an essential part of your lead generation scheme makes sense only if you know how to make it tick.

How do Lead Generation Companies Define a Successful B2B email Marketing Campaign?

When many budding entrepreneurs hear the phrase “email marketing” they are likely to picture it as an ability to write attractive subject lines or carefully worded and motivating calls to action. Yet, the truth is that these skills are important but not the only bullet points that a competent lead generator must excel at. There are other tricks of the trade that specialists of any B2B lead generation company know, which condition the ultimate success of the whole endeavor.

First of all, disparate and random undertakings boiling down to sending cold emails to all and sundry from time to time aren’t likely to win you new leads. This activity requires detailed planning and meticulous implementation which amounts to developing a far-reaching strategy in the domain.

Second of all, you should take care of your letters avoid the bane of many birds of their feather – spam filters and blacklists. How can you do it? Think email spam checker. By employing spam checker tools you will drastically bolster the deliverability of your messages and make sure they aren’t directed to the spam bin unopened.

Third of all, you must realize the crucial difference between B2C and B2B sales lead generation. The former appeals to emotions individual consumers feel while considering purchasing an item whose benefits are exhibited to them. The latter is more about logical reasoning that makes your future business partners select you as the most advantageous option in the niche.

Armed with the awareness of these three considerations, you can get at mapping out your email marketing campaign hammer and tongs. What aspects you should focus on?

Top 5 Email Marketing Strategy Priorities Scrutinized

Here are some life hacks lead generation companies to mention to make your email marketing strategy a resounding triumph.

1. Showcase Your Assets

Claiming that you are the best in the realm hardly works in ads anymore so there is no reason why it should work in emails. Instead of empty boasting, you should prove that your products and services can solve customers; problems. To do this, your letters must contain some downloadable content (such as charts, presentations, videos with clients’ testimonials) able to ignite a spark of interest that will make people contact you thus becoming your lead.

2. Track Your Performance

Any job that has no control mechanisms is doomed to defeat and email marketing is no exception to this rule of thumb. While conducting a campaign you must monitor its efficiency by checking the mission-critical KPI. These include message deliverability, open, and click-through rates, the number of landing page visits, response rate, and – most importantly – lead conversion and lead qualification indices. Analyzing them, you can see where you underperform to introduce necessary changes.

3. Automation Reigns Supreme

Given the scope of B2B workflow, any lead generation routine in the realm is impossible without a fair share of automation. As far as email marketing is concerned, you can automate sending follow-up messages, responding to clients’ queries, adjusting your CRM to capture leads, and doing a plethora of other errands.

Of course, automation is a rather time- and finance-consuming, since you will have to acquire specialized software that will take some time to implement. But the lead-generating rewards you will reap are worth it.

4. Get Personal

In B2B as much as anywhere else people like to be treated as unique partners and not just like one more guy out there. That is why you should try to individualize your engagement methods and make each email as personal as possible. Varied subject lines, customizable content, and using the addressee’s name are a few tips that will add some personal touch to your e-marketing campaigns.

Another piece of advice is to send emails using an individual ID instead of the company’s one so that your privacy-concerned potential leads would feel more comfortable communicating to humans rather than depersonalized organizations.

5. Be Patient

Don’t expect to get your first B2B lead as soon as you send your first email. Generating leads in this way is a prolonged process that doesn’t render immediate results. Moreover, it is most effective when leads are nurtured which spells sending a series of emails dispatched at pre-planned intervals. In this way, the lead is gently pushed in the direction you mean him to follow.

However, many inexperienced lead generators lack the patience to move methodically, so they start peppering people with tons of messages. Don’t fall into this trap since such imposition can have an opposite effect on them, scaring them away instead of propelling leads down the sales funnel.


There are numerous ways of getting new leads in the B2B industry. One of the most cost-efficient methods is email lead engagement that has its peculiarities in the sector. B2B email marketing strategy must be carefully planned and implemented to reach out to the maximum number of people and get them interested in the product or service you offer.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.