Ten things to know before starting your home construction

“A home is a place where you and your family feel blessed!”

The most important dream for a person is to build his own house. Every person generates an emotional connection with his house. Your own house provides you peace and a secure feeling.

Living in your dream home is blissful, but building your own house is not a cakewalk. You need to properly manage your entire plan before even starting to build your home. To handle thousands of difficulties that occur when you are building your house, you need a proper plan.

Here is the list of the top 10 things you should know before you start your home construction.

Deciding on a budget

The first and foremost step to be carried is about deciding on the budget. Get a rough estimate of the budget for building your house. One needs to keep in mind the costs of land, construction, services, and financing. While deciding your budget, make sure that you are comfortable with the down payment of the housing loan and the monthly instalment which you are going to pay.

Manage your financing

This step will provide you with mental relief while you are building your own house. The goal should be to stabilize the relationship between income, savings, expenditures, and investments.

You can look up to your financial advisors for the management of your finance. If you don’t have an advisor, try looking for financial advice online.

Finding a suitable area

You should select an area for your house according to your convenience. Select an area where the commutation to work doesn’t take much time. Make sure that area has basic facilities such as a hospital, public transport service, police station, and school.

Consider the shape of the plot, type of soil, and topography of the site before selecting an area. Make sure that there is not a huge difference between the economic background of you and that of your neighbourhood.

Selecting your team

Deciding on a team for the construction of your house becomes the most crucial step. The team needed for constructing a house consists of a realtor, builder, architect, and designer.


Hire a realtor who will educate you through the process. Find a realtor who is experienced in a particular field. Make sure that they are the right agent for you according to your budget.


Hire a builder who has experience in building houses that match the style of your house. Go through their portfolios and select them accordingly. You can find professional builders using software like buildxact to estimate your construction management.


Choose an architect if you like their work. It’s that simple! Go through portfolios of different architects and select the one whose style you like. Hire an architect who welcomes your suggestions for customization.


The designer is the person who makes your home look more alive. Select a designer who is ready to provide satisfaction to your needs. Seek through the portfolios of different designers to match your style.

Determine your style

Prior to building your house, you should have an abstract idea about the house you are going to build. Go through various styles which you can find on the internet. Use websites like Houzz and Pinterest for further reference.

Discuss your abstract ideas with your team. Indulge in a transparent discussion with your team. The team will also prove to be helpful for providing suggestions.

Manage your space

The house you are planning to build should have space according to your comfort. Make sure that any space in your house is not wasted.

Make the unplanned empty spaces of your house useful. Plan the furniture according to your comfort space. Make your house spacious, though the degree of space depends from person to person.

Confirming your budget with the team

Get a rough estimate of the budget from your team after discussing all your ideas thoroughly with the team. Always compare the budget given by your team with other known sources.

Try to negotiate with your team on the budget. Confirm your budget on four parameters: Land, construction, services, and financing. Compare your final decided budget with the initial estimated budget.

Schedule your timeline

Building a house can take a long period of time if you fail to manage your time. Schedule your timeline according to your convenience. Provide an estimated timeline to your team so that they can work internally with each other.

Keep a transparent communication environment within your team.

The team should integrate properly and provide you with the best possible result. For this thing to happen, you need to keep an environment of transparent communication between your team members.

The builder, the architect, and the designer should be well addressed about the plans of the other two members. This will ease the work, and the time can be managed efficiently.

You will make mistakes, and it’s okay!

There will be times when things will not be working as you have planned. There can be problems in the design, construction, and budget.

Don’t panic; try to find a solution to these unpredictable problems by consulting with the specific professionals as per your problem.


Building a house can get on your nerves if you have not planned it before. It is better to plan your work before you start. Though there will be unforeseeable complications, you can face them easily if you have other things sorted.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.