Tech Tips for Graduates Entering the Job Market

If you have finished your university or college education, you will be preparing to enter the job market, and everything you have learned in theory, can now be applied as you embark on a career. Finding the right job can be a little like dating, a case of trial and error, and having a few previous employers on your CV won’t do you any favours. In order to maximise your chances of finding the best career position, here are some tips.

  • Resumé & Digital Profile – The world of business is changing, with more and more digital interaction, and your resume should be available online, and having a professional put it together is a good idea. This presents the first impression that a potential employer would have, therefore it needs to be spot on in every respect, with all the information you think an employer would want to know.
  • Industry-Specific Recruitment Agencies – When a major company or corporation is looking for employees, they don’t look anywhere, rather they call a leading recruitment agency that specialises in the sector. If you wish to make a connection with the best employers, simply register with a leading recruitment agency, which is free and without obligation. What you will get are regular notifications when positions become available, and that gives you a choice of pursuing or not, depending how you feel about the prospect. If, for example, you have some free time, why not take a look at JV Recruitment labour hire, where there are many temporary positions. Finding temporary work is easy through the right agency, plus the service is free and it can provide you with an income while waiting to start a career.
  • Social Media – Don’t forget that platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can all help with finding the right job, especially if you join industry-related groups, when you will receive notifications of any job postings. Sharing your preferences with your friends is also a good way to get your message out, and who knows? You could land that plum job!
  • Linked-In – This is a great platform for job hunting, so you should register and build your online profile, plus there are many great features to help you paint a clear picture of what you are about. Thousands of Australian people have found suitable jobs through sites like Linked-In and it doesn’t cost anything to register, and networking is a smart way to go about finding the right job.
  • Check Daily – Once you have made connections with several digital platforms, do make sure that you check daily, as when a position becomes available, you will have a chance to apply. Timing is of the essence when looking for a job and by enabling all notifications, you will always be one of the first to know when a job appears on a board.

It pays to be busy when looking for a job and if you are launching into a career, maximise your chances of landing the right position by registering with a leading recruitment agency.