Attention Startups! You Need to Consider Outsourcing These 4 Areas of Business

The infancy of a startup is the time to outsource certain areas of the business. Not only can this save valuable time but it also allows for fixed costs versus staffing the department in-house. The world is full of specialty companies that have years of experience handling certain tasks. There is a chance that an accounting firm or marketing agency has handled a project similar or nearly identical to what the startup will ask of them. Research is important as the last thing anyone wants is to enter into a relationship with a company that in turn ruins the reputation of the fledgling company. Below are areas your startup should consider outsourcing whether you have just launched or been in business for a few years.


If you are starting a business in the Triangle area, finding an NC certified public accountant is going to be imperative. The Raleigh area is full of businesses and talent which can be an issue for those launching in less metropolitan areas. There are platforms that integrate with billing solutions that can be handled in-house to a point. The last thing you want is a majority of the staff figuring out whether something can be written off. Professional accounting services will be able to save the startup money come tax time. Untrained staff trying to handle accounting solo could be hemorrhaging company money due to their lack of knowledge.

Marketing/Web Design

Hiring an entire in-house marketing team might not be a possibility. This could include designers, writers, and social media professionals which can be expensive to staff in-house. Look for professionals that consistently cover current web design trends with quality content. Freelancers can be an option to assist your startup but it can be a full-time job in itself to manage these professionals. The other drawback is that freelancers might claim they have certain skills only to figure out they have basic knowledge of a topic. Finding a company to assist with the design and marketing can cover both bases that will help save the budget. Cash flow cannot be spent on marketing tactics that deliver little to no ROI as it is too valuable a commodity. Base campaigns on previous data rather than gut feelings which are often wrong. The value of search engine rankings cannot be understated for a startup and needs to be a focus of management.

Human Resources

Human resources being outsourced can save time and a large number of headaches. These companies that handle HR for organizations understand state and federal laws when it comes to employment. The fact that they most likely have experience staffing a company in the niche is just an added bonus. The last thing you want is to terminate an employee only to have them claim there was a form of harassment or discrimination leading to them losing their job.

Customer Service

There are a number of resources available for startups that want to offer their customers quality customer service. For businesses that work with clients long-term, it might be wise to have account managers. The ability to be available 24 hours a day for a reasonable price to address the concerns of customers cannot be understated. Today’s consumer demands more when it comes to their experience. The customer service company that you enlist to help your startup needs to understand your startup’s dedication to the customer. The last thing that you want is customers opting to purchase from a competitor due to a lack of customer service or poor-quality customer service techniques. The sad truth is that it only takes a certain amount of negative reviews to cut directly into a startup’s bottom line.

Outsourcing certain areas of a startup do not mean that you do not have control of those areas. The work is just going to be handled by another company. Being able to let go of certain departments is a challenge that many CEOs and founders face daily.

Annika Bansal

Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.