5 Essential Supplies Every Office Needs

Whether you run a busy CBD office or a one-man operation in your spare room, there are certain items that every office needs in order to remain productive. While digital technology plays a large role in modern commerce, there are still traditional aspects to consider, and with that in mind, here are just a few of the essential items that every office environment needs.

  1. Computers – Whether a single laptop or a large LAN with 30-40 workstations, every business needs digital devices to record, store and send information, and even a smartphone is a computer. Most companies would outsource their IT hardware requirements to a third party and they maintain and update all IT hardware, plus they can help you to digitalise your business and use the cloud.
  2. Printing & Photocopying – These two machines can be combined into a single unit, and by forging an alliance with https://www.tonerbee.com.au, all your printing needs are covered. Once on their website, simply select your printer model and the number and type of cartridges you need and then proceed to checkout. You are advised to have at least two new ink units, as they tend to run out when you need printed media urgently.
  3. Broadband Internet Connection – In these digital times, every organisation needs to be online 24/7 and with your own Broadband connection, you can run VoIP communication that offers real-time video conferencing, among other features. No doubt your IT department will be updating the company website and social media pages on a daily basis and they require a good Internet connection.
  4. Screen & Projector – Ideal for sales presentations, internal meetings and staff training, a screen and projector are essential for most office environments. The meeting room would be the perfect place to set this up, and with roller blinds, you can easily blackout the room and run your presentation. It is vital that all key players are on the same page and while you can send files and reports via email, sometimes you all need to be together and having the ability to run a slideshow is necessary.
  5. Filing Cabinets – No matter how hard you try to digitalise your office, you will accumulate documents, reports and invoices that need to be stored. If you are scanning all documents, this will reduce the number of filing cabinets you need and that will result in more floor space. There are online suppliers of all types of office furniture including filing cabinets, desks and chairs, and they will deliver to your door.

Running an efficient office is only possible if you have the right equipment, which will empower your employees to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Online solutions make acquiring office essentials very easy and you can easily compare prices, making sure you get the best deals. If you make connections with printer ink suppliers and other essentials, you can order online and they will be delivered to your door.