Streaming Netflix Content in Canada

Watching American Netflix from Canada comes with restrictions. If fact, the type of content you have access to is limited. However, you can still access the entire American Netflix library using a dependable VPN. This article contains the tips you can use to stream content in Netflix from the Canadian soil in style.

Watching American Netflix  

Netflix has completely transformed the entertainment industry, making cord-cutting simpler than ever. Are you ready to subscribe to Netflix? Well, it’s extremely easy, affordable, and bug-free. It takes less than five minutes!

The video content available in the Netflix library is often categorized according to the location you access it from. For instance, if you access it from Canada, you’ll only be able to access the content that Netflix has approved for viewing in Canada.

The most expansive library is Netflix US, that’s only accessible in the US. Accessing it from Canada won’t be possible unless you purchase a good Netflix VPN like PureVPN.  

Netflix Titles

Netflix offers lots of amazing content. While Netflix originals great as well and they’re easily available across all regions, the shows which are limited to the US Netflix library are way too good and are definitely worth your time.

Netflix US has over 5000 items whereas Netflix Canada features about 3000 items. Of course, quantity isn’t always equivalent quality, but here, it makes an exception.

Why Netflix Blocks Content in Canada?

When it comes to the storyline and IMDB ratings, the TV shows plus movies that are available on the American Netflix are usually much better. It’s quite unfortunate to reside in Canada and pay up an equal amount of subscription, yet you aren’t able to access the same content.

It’s impossible to access Netflix US in Canada. And this because of the region-specific laws that restrict streaming giants plus many other content producers to showcase their content to the entire world. One main reason to provide different content in different locations is to abide by local broadcasting legislations. For instance, YouTube has faced serious bans in various regions due to ethical-non-compliance.

How to Stream Netflix in Canada?

All you need to access US Netflix in Canada is a certain device referred to as PureVPN. Once you’re connected to it, your IP address will be altered immediately and you’ll be able to access all your favorite shows and movies. Plus, your data will always be safeguarded against hacks and mass surveillance. Check out Whats on Netflix in Canada and watch your favorite shows!

PureVPN is perhaps one of the best streaming VPNs in Canada. It optimizes your internet connection for an excellent streaming experience. Plus, it has over 2000 servers located in different regions across the world. All these servers are optimized for streaming to make sure that you remain safe from any issues associated with streamers, such as blocked access, ISP throttling, as well as bandwidth caps.

Above all, PureVPN helps you maintain online anonymity. By securing your internet connection as well as encrypting all data transmitted by your internet communication devices, the device helps you to evade all restrictions to access anything you want online.

The Bottom-Line

With Netflix, you have an array of exciting entertainment options. However, restrictions can deny you what you love most. It’s important to note that Canadians have limited access to American Netflix. However, you can use VPN and beat these restrictions. Find out more info here: The above is all you need to know concerning watching American Netflix in Canada.


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