Simple Ways To Give Your SEO A Boost

When website owners hear about SEO and brand mentions they often think that it is just too confusing and in-depth for them to really tackle it. In reality however there are some very basic steps which you can take that will certainly give your site a boost. Beyond all of the metrics and the detailed data reports of an SEO campaign, it is important to remember why SEO exists. This is an algorithm which is designed to give the person who is searching the highest quality websites. Within this there some simple aspects which make a site great, and here is how you can go about giving your website a nudge in the right direction.

Regular Content

No search engine is going to recommend a website to its users if there is not regular content being posted on there, so this is the first place for you to start. You should be looking at uploading at least two pieces of content per week. If you are able to then the more that you upload the better that it will be, as long as the content is high quality.

Focus on Quality Content

As we have just mentioned, the key to uploading content is that it is of a high quality for your readers. High quality content is well written, error-free and most importantly, it provides some level of value to the reader. This could be an information-based piece of content, some content which makes them laugh or anything else which actually sets out to engage the reader.

Fixing Broken Links

Broken links can happen for a number of reasons and it is critical to the health of your website and your SEO, that you remove or fix broken links as soon as you find them. Make this a weekly check on your website, to ensure that all of your pages are functional and that any embedded media is still working. Search engines don’t look too kindly on websites which have broken links on them.

Create Handy Links

Always make sure that your site is designed in such a way that people want to finish a piece of content and move onto the next one. In order to do this well you need to create handy links using the footer and sidebar of your site’s pages, so that people stay on the site longer. You should be looking to boost your bounce rate, which is the rate at which people move across your site.

Using Tags

Always ensure that you are using tags on all of the content which you write, and on the pages of your website. The search engine’s crawlers rely on these tags to move around your site, and in having them you will be able to give your SEO a little boost. Ultimately tags help users to identify pages and content on your site, which gives them a better experience.

These are some very simple ways in which you can give your website a boost when it comes to SEO.


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