PDF Apps: Mobility of Your PDF Documentation

You don’t need a computer to edit your PDFs. Check out how you can change your documents on-the-go with mobile-friendly PDF apps.

The PDF has long been used as a standard file format for its portability and ability to present text, images, and other content in the same appearance regardless of the device in use, operating system, or software. You can expect your PDF file to be presented the same way — with the same text formation, layers, and rich media — whether you open it on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. That makes PDF the most popular file format for content from presentations and CVs to tutorials and white books. But while the finished product looks great, editing or annotating PDF files can be difficult.

As demands for greater speed and flexibility in document editing grow, the ability to edit in the cloud, across devices has become a critical need of the modern workflow. Today, you can view and edit your PDF files not only on your desktop but also on your mobile device. The typical PDF app allows opening and previewing PDF files; however, only a small portion of PDF apps provide mobile users with the functionality to make edits to their files. If you’re wondering how to edit PDF on iPhone or your Android device or you just need an app to sign a PDF, check out Lumin PDF.

The solution from Lumin PDF is best known as a Google Drive PDF editor app, which Google recommends in addition to the default Google Drive PDF viewer. However, now Lumin PDF offers much broader functionality not only as an extension but also as a full-fledged online service and cross-platform app. Offered both in the App Store and Google Play, the Lumin PDF app replicates almost the same functionality as a web-based version or Google Drive PDF editor app, plus a goody bag of other features that make instant PDF collaboration a breeze. We’ve pulled out the top 7 stand-out features of Lumin (you can find the whole list here).

Open your PDF files in one click from any source, whether it’s an email, web page or any app that supports the “Open In” option.

Download-free editing. Change size, style, font, and opacity of the original text as you wish.

Sign any document on-the-go with e-signature. Create your signature, save it in the app, and use it with simple Sign PDF app tools. This tool will also keep your signatures synchronized across all your devices.

Choose from dozens of ready-made templates or create your own with preinstalled Lumin PDF app tools.

Add comments to the text using sticky notes and drawing instruments. Also, you can leave comments in the document and address them to the specific person if you’re collaborating with somebody on the document.

Bookmark any text for easy navigation through the PDF document.

Clearly see document changes and notifications from collaborators in the notifications panel.

More features:

  • Search within the file.
  • Zoom in and out of any part of the document.
  • Rotate and remove individual pages of your PDF file.
  • Easily add, replace and crop images in your documents.
  • Wide range of annotation tools: highlight, underline, strikethrough and others.
  • Draw with your finger to make additional marks or highlight text in scanned papers.
  • Interactive fields such as text fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons to fill out any PDF.
  • Link the contents of your file. Add links to any part of the text, or even to images.
  • Convert documents, web pages, and images to PDF in a matter of seconds.
  • Integrate with third-party cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, and Box, or use the internal storage of Lumin PDF.
  • Two-way synchronization with cloud storages to provide continuous work with documents among all devices.
  • Password protection for your files, plus share or restrict access to any file or folder in your Lumin PDF cloud storage.

After connecting Lumin PDF to your Google account, it will automatically work with Gmail and Google Drive, allowing you to view and edit your files or email attachments without downloading them.

Speaking of Google apps, PDF editor from Lumin is continually present in the Productivity apps selection, recommended by Google Play Store. But if you are going to edit a PDF on an iPhone, you would probably come across Lumin PDF there, as well.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.