Is a Text Blasting Service Right for Your Company?

In a study by Pew Research, those surveyed used text messaging more often than any other feature on their cell phones. Many respondents had used text messaging in the previous hour before filling out the survey!

Around two-thirds of all Americans now have a smartphone, and SMS text messages can be received even on simple cell phones. Therefore, if you send important messages through texts to your employees and external customers, you’ll reach them through the most commonly used feature of the device they have with them most of the time.

Text blasts can reach your employees very quickly and directly. You can also use texts to connected with customers and prospects who have asked for certain beneficial information. They’ll see your message through a medium that’s most often used only for personal reasons.

If you have a large group of people to contact, using a text blasting service makes sense. A service can send messages to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of contacts simultaneously. It can give you statistics on who is reading the messages and can compile responses from them.

Internal Text Blasts

Text messaging enhances communication with your own employees. Many still struggle to read emails on the small screen of their smartphones, which may not always be on the Internet, anyway. In contrast, the simplest cell phones can receive text messages.

Format of texting naturally encourages senders to be concise, informational, and helpful. You could use it to update your staff about general news about your company, deadlines to enroll in benefits, and emergency office closures because of weather, just to start.

Texting can also assist with office productivity, as you send meeting reminders, information about new product offers, and project updates. You can even addresses and meeting times for informal events, like a company outing to a sports game!

Text Blasts to External Customers

When you have their permission, texting your current customers and prospects helps both them and your organization. First, they don’t have to download any additional messaging application in order to receive the information they requested. They only need a simple cell phone and don’t need an Internet connection.

You can use a text blast service to reach customers with well-crafted offers, such as discounts and new deals. Many of your prospects and customers will see your text message within minutes of you sending it, and you’ll be able to see which ones respond to different types of offers—invaluable marketing feedback.

Do you have a list of customers and prospects who appreciate text messages from you? Or can you build one? Interesting, that list is a powerful asset that your business owns. If you have interactions with a list of customers and prospects on social media, though, that list stays on that platform. It could disappear if the platform goes out of business. Your own text message list, though, is much more permanent.

The Convenience of a Text Blast Service

If you tried to text dozens, hundreds, or thousands of recipients using your own cell phone, it would be almost impossibly inconvenient. It’s much easier to let a text blast service send all those texts simultaneously. Good service providers supply an intuitive online dashboard where you can track read rates, responses, and more.

A text blast service may charge a subscription fee or offer low-cost bundles of text credits for companies needing only low volumes of text blast. It’s worth researching prices and deciding if mass texting could enhance your business’s communications.

If you work with a large group of people or need to contact customers quickly, you should consider text blasting as a solution to your communication needs.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.