How To Create Training Programs That Set New Hires Up For Success

Throwing a person into a job role without training is never the best course of action. A quality training program allows new employees to hit the ground running in their roles. There should not just be a generic training program as there are various roles in a business. Teaching everyone certain things like project management software can be done though. Specific job role training will have to be custom and contain input from employees currently in those roles. 

Find A Very Thorough Employee To Help

Training can be videoed and can be presented in various forms. People learn in different ways with some needing videos while others want training in a text form so they study it. A top employee spending their time on the training can help improve the average productivity of new employees. This can also reduce employee turnover at an organization as struggling employees could get discouraged. Doing well at a new job can set the tone for the duration of the employee’s time at a business. 

See How Extremely Productive Employees Spend Their Time 

Time tracking software can be viewed negatively by some employees. Seeing where top employees are spending their time could help shape training programs. An extremely productive employee might be doing things a little bit differently than those struggling. A few small tweaks in the way an employee sets up their day can make a huge difference. Input from current employees on what areas they struggled with during the infancy of their employment can be very valuable information. 

Present Training And Handbooks In Different Languages

A person might need a handbook in the language that they are native in. You do not want a policy to be violated due to a misunderstanding in the handbook. The world of business is truly global so having company materials in different languages is imperative. Employee handbook translation can be very important and can make new employees feel comfortable. 

Expanding to new countries will also require that training be done in various languages. The handbook or policies also have to align with laws in the countries where new locations have opened. Training being done by a person that is fluent in a certain language that is currently on staff can be wise. Expansion internationally needs to be done carefully to reduce the chances of the expansion being a failure. 

Updating Training Regularly 

Processes regularly change and outdated training information can be a waste of time for new employees. Assign a certain employee to update this information regularly so it is current. There could be multiple employees that are assigned this depending on the role they are filling. Giving employees a certain number of hours a month or quarterly can ensure this is done in a proactive manner. You want new employees to be as productive as possible when they complete their training.

Creating training programs should be a staple of any organization. Take the time to tighten up your training programs and watch out for positive results.

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