How to create a resume to promote your business

It might get tough to create your own CV, as it takes a lot of time and effort, as well as requires deep investigation. Imagine how challenging it is to write a company resume to promote business. You might have never heard about such a document before but it exists! 

In this blog post, you can find some valuable tips on how to write a resume to promote your business and reach success. 

What to include in a corporate resume?

A company resume is a reflection of your business objectives and identity. You can present your corporate resume to prospective investors, clients, and accreditors. Usually referred to as a company profile, this document should showcase the following data:

  • Include the main company details

Write your company name and include the logo on the top of the corporate resume. Don’t forget to add the contact details of the main contact person, e.g. CEO. Add mailing address, email, corporate phone number, and social media links.    

  • Write appropriate headings

Create appropriate headings for each section in a resume. You might include such information as ‘Products and Services’, ‘Key Accomplishments’, ‘Awards’, ‘Team’, ‘History’, ‘Our Mission’, and more. Include sections that can display your company’s success, as well as think about other sections that will help highlight the strong sides and achievements in the best possible way.

  • Describe what products or services you offer

Provide the list of your products and services and shortly describe each of them. Add information on how these products or services can benefit the customer and what problems they resolve.

  • Include your accomplishments, contributions, and awards

Write about your company’s accomplishments, contributions, and awards. You might want to create separate sections for each element. Add numbers if possible. In such a way you will increase credibility and loyalty to your brand, as well as provide vivid proof of the company’s achievements.  

  • Add a summary of your key team members

Include names, responsibilities, and certifications of your key team members. Add their years of experience. 

  • Provide brief company’s history and mission

The well-written corporate mission will definitely grab the attention of the person who reads a resume. Use this section to make yourself stand out from the rest of the competitors.

  • Add a link to your company’s website

Include your company’s URL so the clients can visit your platform, explore your online portfolio, as well as find all the necessary details they want to clarify.

You can write a corporate resume to promote your business yourself but it is a good idea to entrust this difficult task to a resume writing service, such as resumeget, to save your time and effort. 

Tips on creating a results-driven corporate resume

  1. Try to fit all the information in a one-page resume. Use an easy-to-read basic font of 10-12 pt and keep formatting consistent throughout the whole document.
  2. Make sure that the template reflects your brand identity. 
  3. Use PDF format.
  4. Add relevant keywords. What does it mean? Discover what people usually type in Google to find services like yours and add these keywords in a corporate resume.
  5. Ensure that there are no grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. You can use online services, for example, Grammarly, to check a document for mistakes. 
  6. Use a chronological approach to tell about your company’s accomplishments, awards, and history.
  7. Try to avoid personal pronouns.
  8. Highlight your credentials.
  9. Avoid clichés. Make your resume different from the others by creating your own specific content.
  10. Use the same language style as you use for social media and other documents.

Create a resume to promote your business today!

I hope that these tips will help you create a resume for successful business promotion. Try to reflect your business identity in your resume as it is part of a positive customer experience. A great document should supplement your corporate culture and explain why you are better than other similar companies. If this article overwhelmed you, look into salesforce certifications for additional help. Good luck!  

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.