How to become a car mechanic: Explore job opportunities

You might be thinking about how to become a car mechanic. Well, in that case, you have come to the right place! The process of how to become a car mechanic is fascinating; it’s all about being passionate about this industry. It is, of course, an exciting thing to do, but it needs the right amount of focus. 

Nevertheless, there are many other courses you can take to become a great car mechanic, but, as a beginner, you need to be an enthusiast, and I believe the steps mentioned below are the key to the success of becoming a great car mechanic. 

7 steps to Become a Car Mechanic  

Here’s to achieving your dream journey step by step, by following these steps mentioned below. The measures will help you to become more skilled and expert in this field and will give you a clear concept of the process of how to become a car mechanic.

1. Complete a Certification Program

You need to proceed formally working towards any particular industry. To make yourself ready for succeeding, you need to sit for post-secondary education, vocational or accredited car mechanic training program. The program will help you to get knowledge of the fundamentals of car mechanics, and you will eventually have a more in-depth and vast understanding of functioning and maintenance of cars. 

You are required to have adequate information about engines, brakes, suspensions and many more that are needed to become a car mechanic. You can have a focused understanding of automobile technology, diesel service techniques, fuel and electronic fundamentals. You can also think of taking associate degrees to become more skilled and expert in this sector; it will help you to develop yourself first. So completing a certification program firstly is what you need to become a car mechanic.

2. Look for a Mentor to Gain Experience and Skills

To gain an understanding of anything, you need a proper adviser. He or She will teach you all the necessary steps to take on this path easily with real-life experiences. If you want to achieve your dream of becoming a car mechanic with all your heart, then better to start off working as an assistant or trainee. In that case, you will gain real work experience and expertise. After attaining an academic certification, this shall be your next step. To set foot into this section, you should begin from a beginner-level position maybe as a trainee or assistant.

In other words, it’s essential to give it a try to get involved in any car shops or dealerships. Whatever the position is, just seize the opportunity to work and later make yourself confident in receiving the best form of you. Working under a mentor will help you to acquire essential skills and first-hand experience.

3. Develop Technical Skills

If you aspire to see yourself as a car mechanic, If you want to become a  car mechanic, you have to use your brain and technical capability to get the most out of it. Whenever you are working, make sure you can fix all the car parts together along with the features of the machine. 

Give your best to develop your mechanical abilities by paying attention to the machines, how they work, what makes it presenting a problem and what could be the solution of the issue. 

Furthermore, learning all the details of work with full attention is very crucial. If you discover a little, then it could be hazardous for your clients and you, so your learning process should be up to the mark. If you see your other teammates working on some different parts that you do not know of, simply just ask them what you need to know in a considerate manner. 

Moreover, you can also watch instructional videos on car parts on any platforms, such as YouTube. There are a lot of ways to achieve solid technical knowledge.

4. Grow Your Troubleshooting Skills

Analysing and solving severe problems is the necessary skill of auto technicians. If you grow your troubleshooting skills, people will come to you with their car issue. Random people who are not working in this field won’t understand what’s going on with their car, so you are expected to know. It doesn’t matter what position you have in a shop, always try yourself to look for all the problems and focus on how to fix them. 

Being a car mechanic, identifying the problems and taking the essential steps to solve the issues is considered as your duty. 

Even if your current position doesn’t let you determine the problem, don’t worry, just think to try to find out what’s wrong and what could be the solution. In due course, you will master how to troubleshoot. For instance, when a car has problems, it feels like something is wrong, so you will be able to find out the problem if you focus on it quickly. So, try to examine, focus and learn everything is happening around your workplace.

5. Learn Customer Support

Remember, you can earn money when you satisfy your customers fully; otherwise, you won’t be able to hit your goal. Take providing the best service to your customer as your goal and focus; then you will be able to make them happy and earn your expected money.

You have to understand your customer very well. Grasping what the customer wants and communicating well with their problems, payments, solutions etc. is the key to learning customer support. Keep in mind that customers come to you because as you are a car mechanic, you are supposed to be a specialist on their issues. Moreover, if you are considering being a car mechanic as your full-time job by any chance, then you should acquire those skills that enable you to achieve success.

Furthermore, you also need to practice to become a good listener and have the ability to approach consciously. If you are willingly trying to improve your communication skills, mark my words that you will indeed be going to have a great successful career. 

6. Be strong

There is a lot of variation in working in a car mechanic’s shop. You have to carry out several difficult and challenging tasks all day long. As a car mechanic, you have to stand maximum time and lift heavy parts of the car now and then. Besides, you are going to work in many other positions, so it all involves you being physically strong. You should keep yourself healthy, which might be done by going to the gym or eating healthy food.

Your sustainability is also essential to become a car mechanic because you will have to be very good at multitasking even while you are doing other heavy tasks. Therefore, you need to make your physical strength better so that you can work efficiently all day long and come back to work the next day. Do things that will help you to stand up throughout the day and work being productive. 

7. Get a Licence and get Certified

If you contemplate a car mechanic as your dream job and want to be a very successful car mechanic, then you need your licence. Being licensed means gaining trust from your customers. Your customers will, of course, observe your certification, and hence they will be more comfortable and stress-free with you to work on their car. It will be easy to rely on you if you are endorsed and licensed as early as possible. 

To receive your licence, you should pass some exams and assessments. However, consider earning more money with additional certifications as that is a great way to establish your career with a fair amount of money. 

What do car mechanics do?

As a car mechanic, you are expected to specialise in the service and repair of vehicles. Car mechanics work on the maintenance and repairing of all features of cars through executing preventative work on the car parts such as on the engine, electrics, gears, brakes, exhaust system and air conditioning. You are also responsible for the routine maintenance of cars and providing suggestions for customers on their car condition and status of their vehicle. You will also carry out tests for mechanical faults of their vehicles.

Where would you work as a mechanic?

You are expected to find work with garages, manufacturers’ service centres, freight, transport and construction companies, vehicle hire and breakdown organisations, fast-fit outlets and car dealerships.

You might also find chances to work with local authorities, the police and taxi organisations too, or companies with large fleets of vehicles. The possibilities may vary from place to place.


To see yourself as a great car mechanic, you need both formal and real-life identification. Working as a mechanic involves working on all vehicle mechanics and electrics, from engines to exhaust systems to air-conditioning and security. If you consider yourself a person who loves to learn new things and adapt to work with mechanical tools, then the car mechanic industry is what you are looking forward to working with. So you should follow the steps mentioned above and become a car mechanic shortly.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.