Find Out How Trusscore is in the US

Trusscore is made up of polyvinyl chloride created by a German chemist, Mr. Eugen Baumann, in 1872. PVC as a material did not receive a patent until 1913 by Freidrich Klate. Afterward, in 1980, the Trusscore panels were patented with the United States Patent 4223053. Even after receiving a patent, it was considered a waste material with no practical applications. In recent times, it is gaining popularity and disrupting the market. Today PVC, especially in the form of Trusscore PVC panels, is used in almost every industry. Vinyl has become the second-largest produced plastic in the world and finding its use in almost anything around the world.

Trusscore is suitable as an applicant in both wall and ceiling applications and is an ideal alternative to many available materials like Drywall, Plywood, Lightweight PVC sliding, Tiled concrete, Plasterboard, and Stainless steel paneling. The Trusscore panels are made in North America and meet the demands of the modern hygienic construction and the building codes in both Canada and the United States. These panels come with a limited time warranty and are available in white and grey colors. The panel is ½ inch thick and can be customized according to the client’s preference. The durability of the panel is because of the high-strength polymer used, which is made up of face sheets and a core with a very stable equilateral shape. The tongue and groove interlocking system makes the installation of the panel easier and quicker.

Use of Trusscore panels:

Since the Trusscore sheets are made up of extruded PVC Vinyl give superior strength while maintaining its efficiency to be durable as an inner wall panel. The Trusscore PVC panels are designed for use in interior applications, businesses, and medical applications.

The Trusscore panels are very important for use in the medical cannabis walls because of a variety of reasons-

  1. Trusscore panels are available in different widths: 16, 10, 12, 16, and 20 construction lengths or custom lengths.
  2. The panels are very useful because they are chemical resistant, impermeable to dirt, moisture, and animal waste.
  3. The products meet and exceed the standards set up by CFIA, FDA, and USDA with all its antibacterial and mold resistant properties.
  4. These antibacterial properties help these panels to find use in the food processing facilities, laboratories, and hospitals.
  5. Especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, these panels are perfect for the walls and ceilings of the hospital.

These panels maintain the highest standards for healthcare, food, and manufacturing environments in terms of hygiene. These panels can be easily power washed with soap, water, or bleach to give a brighter and cleaner look. It is a smooth, non-porous finish that repels and drains water without retaining moisture and does not require frequent cleaning.

The popularity of Trusscore panels:

In recent times, these Trusscore panels have been found useful in various sectors and ideal for commercial and residential use. This is among the most practical solutions to prevent the dampness of the interior and have become popular to curb the growth of bacteria. These walls and ceilings are available in different patterns and designs and are a perfect alternative to paint and tiles. The reason why this material is very useful in small businesses are-

  1. The panels are extremely durable and tough as they are made up of extremely high quality 100 percent virgin vinyl. The Trusscore technology used in the manufacture of these panels makes them even more durable and flawless.
  2. They are very easy to install and have interlocking grooves and tongues. This makes the installation of the panels easier and suitable for interior use. Thus, these panels are very easy, efficient, and not very expensive.
  3. The panels are very instrumental in fighting excess humidity like in a commercial kitchen and a bathroom to ensure the waterproof working of the walls. Once installed, these panels are very long-lasting and can even last for a lifetime with their durability of approximately 25-30 years.
  4. These panels can be customized according to the client’s preference and have a Class A fire rating.
  5. Using Trusscore panels means saving money for the entire life because it rarely needs replacing, repainting, or refurnishing.
  6. These ceilings and panels save more than 40 percent material cost and 50 percent labor-saving, which means they are cost-effective compared to the other walls.

The thermoplastic products and Trusscore are very safe to work with under normal practices and the waste material is recyclable. In this process, the PVC sheets are turned into micro pieces, remove any impurities and refine the material to make fresh PVC sheets. These panels can be recycled and have an approximate lifespan of around 140 years. The finished product has a bright appearance and is resistant to UV light and weathering.

As a solution for the dampness in the walls and ceilings, these panels are very effective. There are various panels available in the market which have their advantages and disadvantages. The panels have found their use in commercial kitchens, agricultural facilities, the packaging industry, healthcare, school, bathrooms, and supermarkets. Vinyl panels are being installed across various sectors due to their advantages over the other options. The vinyl panels keep the walls dry, moisture-free and are leading the manufacturing industry. The Trusscore panels are constructed in North America and meet the standards of the USA and Canada building codes. The panels are durable and made up of extruded PVC. 


Trusscore PVC panels are made so that they do not compromise with the quality and try to meet all the requirements like the interior cladding solution, which is non-porous and does not absorb moisture.

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