Four Reasons Why Sticker Printing Is Great for Marketing

Marketing one’s business can be done in a ton of different ways. Finding the ways that are most effective takes time and research to achieve. Thankfully, there are some more modern methods that are really gaining traction.

Sticker printing is one of those forms. It can be considered one of the most valuable resources that businesses and companies can use to position their products and services in the eyes of their existing customers and prospects. Because of this, the use of stickers in marketing strategies offers a number of different benefits that can help get the name of your company out here and help it stick (pun intended) in the mind of the audience.

Read on to learn the four reasons why sticker printing is great for marketing.

  1. Novelty

Let’s face facts; there is a ton of different marketing out there but it can begin to blend together after a while. That is why sticker printing can be so beneficial. It stands out in a good way. Even better, you can literally put it anywhere.

Of course, it depends where you put the sticker too. Putting it on bags, products related to your business, and on other materials can make the entire package come together to stand out in a positive way for your business. You can even put them in keychains, making them a great promotional product for your business. 

It also doesn’t hurt to stick them in high-traffic areas, too. The more eyes on the sticker, the more will be impacted by its message.

So, if you want to use sticker printing for your marketing efforts, start looking for a reliable printing provider, such as Commercial Printers Avenue or other similar options. While you focus on using stickers as part of your marketing campaigns, your printing partner will ensure all your stickers are printed properly without any hassle. 

  1. Easier Integration

Offline branding can have many different faces and the great thing about stickers is that they can go with any kind of offline branding. Putting a sticker on a brochure, a bag, a catalogue, apparel, gift bags, and any other kind of product can help to associate your brand with those free awesome things.

Best of all, using stickers is an easy integration. You can get as specific as you want or slap a sticker on any kind of marketing and promotional material that you may have. That is a versatility that few other forms of marketing can’t match.

Aside from that, since it’s easy to integrate into any marketing material, they can also be a great source of information. Many businesses and marketers can add essential information on the stickers to catch the attention of potential customers and improve sales over time. For example, you can place any information on the stickers, such as your business name, contact details, products or services, and even discount offers. 

Aside from this information, you can also integrate a call-to-action message on your stickers. This will encourage your customers to do business with you, thus improving your conversion rates and helping you generate more leads

  1. Visual Versatility

Another great thing about printing stickers for your business is that there are a huge range of shapes and sizes to work with when using the right manufacturer like The Printing House. You can put stickers onto any surface and customise the size to fit whatever marketing materials you may have.

That level of versatility is important so that you can present your visual brand the way that you want instead of having to shoehorn a sticker onto a certain piece of promotional material. Versatility is essential in the marketing world and sticker printing provides versatility tenfold.

  1. Cost-Friendly Advertising

As anyone in marketing knows, it can get expensive quickly. This all depends on the type of campaign that you are trying to launch but using sticker printing can be a much more cost-effective way to market your business, especially on a budget.

Stickers are great for maximizing the return on investment for your campaign. Label printing tends to cost far less than banner ads, television ads, billboards, and most other types of marketing. Not only that but a creative sticker can be noticed with far less cost and effort involved. That is an effective marketing campaign from beginning to end.

Photo by Peat Bakke

Chris Z