Four Tips for Business Relocation

Moving a business can be an exciting time. It can mean that the current space has been grown out of at a rapid pace and that a newer, bigger building is on the horizon. But moving a business isn’t as simple as it may seem. There are corporate relocation services that you should be aware of that can make the entire process a bit smoother and more cost-effective. Here are just a few tips and how they can make the entire process of relocating a business a little bit easier to handle.

  1. Create a Timeline

Planning ahead is always a good idea. It helps to minimize the chaos and uncertainty that any situation, let alone moving, can bring out. It helps to have a good idea of what needs to move with you to the new location as many as four to six months ahead of time.

Make sure that time is scheduled for updating phone and Internet services as well as obtaining any possible licenses or permits that are required. The bigger the office space that you are moving into, the more time you will need for planning ahead.

  1. Make Use of Corporate Relocation Services

There are services out there, known as corporate relocation services, that can handle the entire move for you in order to not only make it easier but to provide peace of mind as well. There are so many things that go into a move that it can be easy to forget about something.

Corporate relocation services like Relo-To ensures that all of your bases are covered and that no stone is left unturned. This will allow you to feel confident about the move ahead and not realize that something had been forgotten.

  1. Hire Movers and Cleaners Way Ahead

Part of the planning process means hiring a moving company and cleaners. There is likely a deposit attached to the building that you currently reside in and getting that deposit back can mean several thousand dollars coming back your way.

Moving is also not the same as moving a house. There are huge resources such as copiers that need professionals to handle the load. Plan at least a month ahead to ensure that you get the right movers and cleaners for the job and that you are on their schedule to avoid any potential conflicts that shorter notice can bring.

  1. Update Before You Move

It is a good idea that, a week or two before the move, you update everything so that vendors and customers can know where to find you as soon as you move in. This means updating letterhead, business cards, and your website ahead of time.

Doing this is to allow for a seamless transition into the new place and to avoid the hiccups that can come with an ill-planned move. This means that you can begin things at your new place of business without the hassles and inconveniences that a move can generally bring with it.

Drew Neisser