Efficient Rewriting Practices For School

When you get your paper back from being graded, and there are a few corrections the teacher would like you to make, it can be difficult to know how to go about it. It usually happens when the final essay was not adequately edited, proofread, or researched. It can be very frustrating to have to start the process of essay writing all over again—just for a rewrite.

Here are some tried-and-tested efficient writing practices for you to keep in mind while rewriting your essay.

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There is No Need to Start from Scratch

You have already done the bulk of the work. All that really needs to be done now is the amendments and corrections. You can do this easily by reading the teacher’s notations very carefully and attending to each one methodically.

Stick to a step-by-step approach and go through every point the teacher has made mention of in the side notes. This can be an extremely fiddly business, especially if it is late at night and the font on the computer screen in small. If this method of editing and proofreading your essay comes across as painstaking and unnecessary, you can always hire a writing company to do it for you.

Visit a high-quality writing website and click on the section that says, “rewrite my essay. ”The academic writers used by the writing sites have years of experience changing the content of essays and preparing them to receive excellent marks.

Ask for More Information About Where You Went Wrong

This is a useful educational technique many students implement when they are confronted with a significant portion of their essay having to be rewritten. If you are in a learning environment where you have to make appointments to speak to a teacher after class or if you are allowed to approach them when your lesson for the day has finished, make a point of doing so.

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The reason why this is a successful rewrite technique is very psychologically effective. Your teacher will be made aware of the fact that you are taking the rewrite seriously and be impressed with that fact. On the other hand, spending their free time explaining to you all the places where your essay fell short eats into their free periods and downtime.

There is a very high chance that the teacher will take into account that you took the time to address your rewrite adequately and mark your next attempt more generously. They will also explain things more concisely so that the after-hours session is over more quickly. Whichever way, your essay will be on track to be well graded the second time around.

Ask Fellow Students Who Scored High to Show You Their Essay

This is a no-brainer. If someone in class got an exceptional grade for their essay, ask them if you can have a quick look at it to get a better idea of where you went wrong. This will make the student feel good about the fact they can be of assistance to you and give you a lead on how to approach your rewrite.

Adam Hansen

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