Easy Ways To Brighten Up Your Office Space

For most of us, the office is the place in which we spend the majority of our week. Long shifts and late hours mean that it is entirely possible to see more of your office than your own home. For this reason, it is important to take the time to make sure that your space is clean, bright, and welcoming. With so much focus on how to create a winning culture and the emphasis on wellness in the workplace, now is the ideal time to indulge in an office makeover! Here are some easy ways to cheer up your office space, and create happy, contented employees.

Allow Fresh Air In

The continuous hum of air conditioning systems characterizes many offices as a way to keep the space temperature-controlled. While these may be functional, they hardly help to create a fresh environment and can result in the rooms feeling stuffy and closed in. Make sure that the whole space has access to some fresh air each day by opening the windows. In Addition to this, you can also think about to add water walls for indoors as this will contribute to the humidity of the air and will improve the air quality of the workplace. Even if there is snow on the ground, a quick blast of air will help to wake up space (and the staff) and prevent that musty, claustrophobic feeling from developing.

Try A Standing Desk

Research has shown that we may be more productive when we stand up to complete our work, not to mention that this position is far more beneficial for our back, neck, and joints. A good option is to introduce moveable desks into your office. These allow the employee to choose the desired height, meaning that they can work standing or seated as the mood takes them. This change in routine is great for getting the blood flowing, waking up the body, and helping send a jolt of energy to the brain. It has also proven to boost productivity, meaning everyone’s a winner!

Bring The Outside In

Plants are a great addition to any office. They boost the supply of oxygen, cleanse and purify the air, and offer a flash of color to what tend to be sterile, staid environments. Plants have also been shown to boost the mood of those working around them, allowing you to end up with a happier and more relaxed workforce. Time to organize that watering rota to keep them in tip-top condition!

Lessen The Light

Lighting is obviously a crucial element of any office space, particularly as so many staff members will be working at screens. The typical fluorescent light found in many offices can be harsh, and often results in migraines or headaches from staff. Where possible, replace these strong overhead lights with softer alternatives, which still provide an adequate amount of life to see and work comfortably by.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.