Doing a company search the right way

If there is a company about which you wish to know something — whether general information or maybe something more detailed such as their profit margin in 2018, their S&P rating, number of employees, etc. — you need to do a vigorous company search on the internet.

In most cases you’re not going to be able to find the information you want as quickly and as accurately as you want simply by doing a free online search yourself. Companies, whether big or small, domestic or foreign, do not keep a great deal of their information out there for persons who really want in-depth data. It takes a professional company search, one that specializes in the corporate mindset, to dig up the information that is going to be most valuable and timely for you.

Why have a professional do your company search?

There are a host of specific reasons why you will find a professional search company well worth their fee.

They are expert at discovering connections between corporations and people, as well as relationships with government agencies and trade organizations. It’s also very important to find out where a business is registered — in the country or outside the country. Sometimes it could be both — and this can have a dramatic impact on your own agenda.

Find all the corporate skeletons in the closet and see if there are any pending legal actions that could affect the company you are researching. It’s also often very helpful to have a complete list of a company’s direct competitors, and their current status; this can give you very useful insight into how the company is managing their competition, and if they are keeping up with the latest industry trends. It goes without saying that you can also simply have your own competitors investigated to find out their weak spots and their strong points.

A professional research company can quickly provide you with financial statements; credit reports; personnel biographies; employee turnaround stats; company newsletters; Dun and Bradstreet ratings; sales figures; and how well or bad a company is rated on SEO searches. And it’s all done secretly and privately. Whatever or whoever you are investigating will never know about it.

And finally, did you know that many major business leaders pay to have a company research firm research their own company? It’s a relatively inexpensive and foolproof way for a business owner and manager to discover just how well his or her company is doing, all reported by a disinterested third party who has no motive to report anything that the owner/manager wants to hear, but only the cold, hard facts.

In this day and age of complicated and deeply protected data, it pays to have a professional do your business researching for you.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.