The Business Case for Personalized Stickers

Sticker printing is an old-fashioned marketing tactic that still works. In fact, in a world that relies on online ads, social media mentions and other digital advertising, stickers are a novel solution that is surprisingly effective. Let’s look at the business case for personalized stickers.

Turn Anything into Marketing Material

Create stickers embossed with your logo and personal brand. Then you can turn anything into marketing material. Apply them to your car as a bumper sticker. You’ll advertise your brand almost as effectively as if you had more expensive large decals applied to the vehicle. Put the stickers on your water bottle and laptop, and you will spark conversations about the brand every time you are asked about them. Another tactic is having large address labels printed that include your brand’s logo. Then your invoices and mailed flyers promote the company even if they are not opened. If you do not have these yet, you can apply branded stickers to envelopes as long as it doesn’t interfere with the mail service’s ability to send the letters or packages. You can apply these same personal stickers to the wrapper you put around someone’s order, reminding them where they bought it.

Enhance Other Marketing Materials

We often forget how repetition can enhance the impact of your branding. For example, you should have your logo and brand name on your business cards to help others recognize it later. Attach a sticker with your logo on the back of a business card, assuming it does not cover up critical information, and you could double the impact. Use the sticker to attach the business card to someone’s door or desk, and you will improve the odds they notice it. Attach branded stickers on flyers you hand out, and you will increase the odds it is looked at before it is tossed. Attach stickers to your shipping materials and customer shopping bags to increase the attention your branding receives.

Remember that stickers can carry information aside from your website name and brand. Stickers that mention that all of your company’s products are organic, made in the same country as consumers or fit some other check box picky buyers want to know is met by your company are a point in your favor. Apply these stickers to product packaging, and you could promote this selling point without having to alter the overall packaging of the product. It also leaves you the option of attaching “discounted” or “sale” stickers to your products to attract bargain shoppers.

Put Marketing Material in New Places

One of the benefits of stickers is that they are versatile. It is expensive to paint a wall with a branded mural. A large sticker becomes a wall decal, and you can put it anywhere. You can also remove it with relatively little effort. You can choose stickers that are durable and long lasting to apply to the floor. Apply this to the floor in front of your products where they sit on the shelves, and you increase the odds someone will stop and look. Then they are more likely to buy your product. At a minimum, you have advertised your product to people who are only looking at the floor, their shopping list and the shelves as they shop. You could also apply stickers like this to the sidewalk, even in places where you could not have in-window advertising or signs by the street. Another option is applying large branded stickers to store windows to get around limits on how many signs you can use. You get a solution that is as customizable as digital signs without the cost, and your stickers will continue to promote the store or product though the power is out.

Another alternative is putting custom logo stickers on your equipment. Let every customer who sees your salesperson’s laptop see your logo, as well. It makes the salesperson appear invested in the product they support. Apply these stickers to your desks, refrigerators, recycling bins and other items to increase your brand recognition

Tapping into the Power of Freebies

If you give customers and potential customers free stickers, you will give them a positive impression of the brand. They will feel obligated to give you their business or come back later to buy something. A side benefit of giving them custom printed stickers is that these may be attached to someone’s car as a decal or applied to their laptop computer. Now your fans become brand ambassadors.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.