Data Science Consulting Trends in 2021

Although we are still in the middle of 2020, it has never been too early to discuss what’s going to happen in 2021, in terms of data science consulting trends.

Erbis is an engineering software company which has been aware of the number of trends  in data science consulting which take place starting from the end of 2020. While it is still 7 months away from 2021, ERBIS professionals have managed to see the signs that the trends are going to happen earlier than later.

With the big data demands that are rising in the timeline, the data science consulting services like ERBIS offer has been in the trend. ERBIS is amongst the top software engineering companies which can offer data science consulting services for SMEs and businesses at every scale. How are the trends in 2021? Without further ado, let’s just see the potents.

Analog data migration to the cloud platform

Analog data or dark data has been one of the most common challenges faced by many industries. Those who are still reliant to 100% of dark data tend to be prone with the damages and data losing because of various factors. For instance, the natural disaster can wipe all of the dark data away instantly. ERBIS company emphasizes that such disastrous events can happen without  a sign. And when it does come, the underlying businesses must be ready to handle it. The data science consulting could offer the cloud migration service to the companies who have been struggling with the dark data. Storing the data in the cloud will improve their productivity and operation overall.

Sophisticated data visualization

The data visualization practice will be the new normal in 2021 because more and more companies would have been reliant on the technique to improve their productivity. In 2020 alone, it would be normal to move the on-premise IT infrastructure to the cloud. It is sensible that not all businesses are ready for full migration. That’s why we can easily see some companies are using the hybrid system (the combination of on-premise and cloud service). the data warehouse turned out to be more expensive and complex solutions. Cloud service can provide a much better solution, especially because of its data visualization. With the data visualization, it will be much easier for the team leader to dispatch the information to their members.  

The Augmented Analytics

ERBIS also proposed that the augmented analytic will be one of the trends in the data science consulting niche. As we know, data analysis has been a challenging aspect for many businesses for decades. The complexity evolves from year to year because the data is retrieved from different sources such as the ERP, PIM, social media, and other sites. ERBIS demonstrated that the time-consuming aspect  derived from the preparation, cleaning, as well as data merging. Data scientists spend most of their time on the tiny details and tasks. With such high workload, it can hinder the scalability of the businesses in the future. The augmented analytic can help these companies to reduce the workload. In data science consulting, professionals can offer solutions with the help of Machine Learning.

AI applications

The AI will be up in the data science consulting trend. ERBIS has its own solutions in data science consulting by exploiting the potential of AI. By 2021, there will be over 60% large companies will hire AI specialists to help them to manage the data protection. It is very important because for large companies, they will need to protect their brand at any cost. The AI is aided by the augmented analytic which can generate the insights and models. The AI apps, when used properly, will aid the companies to learn well from the training data.

Graph Analytic

This component will surely show up in your data science consulting session. Graphics databases and processing have been the real challenges for many businesses and industries-alike. Visual data preparation is one of the hardships that the conventional businesses need to face on a daily basis. But with the help of the data science consulting provided by ERBIS, they can find the appropriate solution to overcome the relevant problems.

Graph analytic is the type of analytic which allows the professionals to find out the connections between the transactions, companies or organizations, as well as the individuals. Graph analytic has been the important part of the Natural Language Processing data structures.

Conversational Analytic

According to ERBIS, conversational analytics will be the hottest topics amongst the high-end businesses. The NLP – Natural Language Processing is a branch of linguistics and computer science which focuses on the values of interactions between the human users’ languages and the computer language. ERBIS have been developing the perfect answers to the challenges of programming computers to analyze and process large amounts of conversation data. The NLP is available anywhere including the search engines, voice assistants, analytic apps, e-commerce, on-premise infrastructure, and so on. By 2021, natural language processing will develop the software solutions by over 50%.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

These two will be up by the end of 2020. early 2021 will be the golden door for the AI.

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