Choose a celebrity for your Christmas marketing campaign

A well-chosen celebrity ambassador can boost your brand at any time of the year. Someone whose story ties in well to yours, with the right public image, can lend your brand both credibility and visibility.

With a celebrity ambassador, everything you do becomes immediately more interesting to the media and the public. Whether it’s launching a new gym wear range with a sportsman or woman, or famous parents promoting budget friendly family food shops, tying in with a celebrity can offer your brand a big boost.

That’s never truer than at Christmas, when the wealth of advertising around makes it even trickier to stand out from the crowd. A well-chosen celebrity appearance in your advertisements or promoting your product on TV and online could be just what you need to raise your profile – but how do you choose a celebrity to book for your Christmas marketing activity?

Consider your audience

You should already have data on who your audience is; it makes targeted marketing a much easier endeavour. Then compare this data to the sorts of celebrity they are likely to identify with – it’s worth doing your research on this one.

Perhaps your audience is older, more affluent people, who like to splurge on their Christmas food shop? Look at trends from previous years to see what has worked and what hasn’t and find out other characteristics about your audience.

Find out which TV channels and magazines they are most likely to watch and read and work backwards to work out the celebrities that they might recognise and identify with.

Think about reputation

Deservedly or not, many celebrities have a reputation for one defining trait. In recent months, Gareth Southgate has become famous for his niceness; Serena Williams’ defining trait is her physical and emotional strength, while Love Island’s Jack Fincham is known as funny and loyal.

It’s important to pick a celebrity ambassador whose reputation fits in with the reputation of your brand – or the reputation you would like to cultivate for your brand.

Don’t use a celebrity with prior

Christmas adverts are some of the most pored over and memorable adverts of the year – and memories can last a long time. Many of us still associate Kerry Katona with Iceland, or Bon Iver with John Lewis.

It’s important to use a celebrity for your campaign who hasn’t previously been in a high-profile campaign. Otherwise you might find yourself sending mixed messages, and your audience could find themselves confused as to what is being sold.

Book a celebrity for a Christmas campaign

If you’re looking to book a celebrity for your next celebrity campaign, you’re in the right place! There are lots of entertainment agencies out there, but MN2S in London is one of the best. Get in touch to find out which celebrities still have Christmas availability.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.