Build and Boost: 6 Team Outing Ideas to Try

Once you take care of all of the pre-launch necessities and get the business up and running, something strange often happens. The all-for-one mentality that got the business going in the first place breaks down as roles crystallize and people stake out territory.

In order to foster a more open and congenial attitude, many business owners and supervisors turn to team out ideas. Whatever you do, though, don’t pick one of those team building events that employees all hate

Instead, opt for one of these low-stress options that encourage fun over forced sharing.

1. Mystery Dinner

A mystery dinner is outing where your group goes and watches a murder mystery play unfold while you eat. Professional actors play the main roles and often interact spontaneously with diners. 

Even for those who don’t enjoy mysteries, the event lets them relax, eat, and chat with coworkers. They even get a bit of entertainment in the process.

2. Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

These are a perfect way to let people get out of the office and see a little bit of the local area. While an overachieving boss can theoretically set one of these up by himself, you can hire a company that specializes in these outings to set it up for you. 

The treasure/scavenger hunt typically uses a theme, such as pirates or ancient Egypt.

3. Escape Room

A comparatively recent addition to the ranks of company events, an Escape Room typically works best with small groups of around 4 people. The participants get locked into the room and must work together to decipher clues. Once they decipher all of the clues, they get a key or code that unlocks the door. 

This outing works particularly well in helping people who don’t work together often build basic bonds of friendship. 

4. Field Trip

Think back about how excited you were as a kid when a field trip was on the agenda. It wasn’t so much the destination as the feeling of playing hooky. Arrange a field trip to a local museum or attraction to let your employees play hooky for a day.

5. Cooking Class

You can find cooking classes in almost any city or town. In many cases, you can either bring wine or some will come with the class. Everyone gets a chance to learn something useful, eat something tasty, and enjoy the company.

6. Laser Tag

For a younger group of employees who are all basically fit, laser tag can prove a lot of fun and even let people burn off a little hostility without actual physical violence. Many cities host one or more laser tag arenas and you can book blocks of time to use it.

Parting Thoughts on Team Outing Ideas

Every group will develop small squabbles and petty grievances after a while. The team outing ideas above give you a chance to help defuse those squabbles and grievances before they turn into an HR nightmare. After all, seeing people outside of the workplace is an excellent reminder that all your coworkers are just human.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.