How To Select The Best Attorney For Car Accidents

Car accidents are never pleasant. The injuries they cause are devastating physically and emotionally. In worst scenarios, it might even be fatal. The accident affects everyone from the driver who might be at fault, other passengers of the car, the family members, the members in the other vehicle, etc. So to make the after processes of the accident less stressful it is advisable to hire an accident attorney. The professionals know about the court procedure, insurance process or compensation involved.

With umpteen number of choices in the market, it is definitely difficult to make the right choice. Here is a complete guide to select the best attorney to deal with car accidents

Law firm

It is not essential to seek a reputed law firm for petty cases. Some cases can be solved with minimal legal knowledge. In such cases seek advice from a lawyer friend or a neighbour or an individual practitioner. Approach the law firm like Lluis Law only if the losses are huge and the accident has devastated the life of many

Evaluate the complete staffs

When opting for a law firm evaluate the entire staff members working in the firm. Because, when it comes to bigger firms, a team of people handle the case. The paper works are done by the office staffs. The filing is done by a junior attorney. Therefore enquire well about the functioning protocols


Enquire about the convenient times to contact the attorney. This is because many lawyers do not prefer to contact through mobiles. Rather they would want the client to set up a professional meeting every time he wants to consult with the attorney. Some have their assistants attend their client phone calls. In such cases make sure to learn about the assistant and their educational background and experiences.

Enquire about the charges

A good lawyer would never say a fixed amount as his charges. This is because he can decide about the case only after a few hearings. However ask for a rough estimate to get prepared. Ask if the attorney charges separately for every meeting that would be held during the proceedings of the case.

Past clients

Some lawyers would willingly provide the references of their previous clients who have volunteered to recommend him. Speak to those referrals. However, never decide based on that alone. Enquire in and around the office to learn about the success rates of the lawyer. One can even use help of internet and the ratings.


Every lawyer is a member of a local lawyer club. Such clubs can recommend names of accident attorneys. It is not a compulsory condition for a good lawyer to own a membership. Clubs are used only to know the names of the lawyers available in the locality.

Personal visit

Commit to the attorney only after meeting him personally. Never blindly settle down for a lawyer, just because he is a good relative of a friend or a distant cousin of one’s mother. Only when one speaks to his attorney he will be able to decide if he is comfortable to share everything good or bad to the attorney.

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