Boost Your Business By Outsourcing These 5 Processes

Starting a business requires you to multitask at first. However, doing so over time can affect the status of your company. You might not be able to reach your goals when you are juggling things that are not your forte. Outsourcing is the way to go to help you with your weaknesses.

You might be a creative person who can write engaging copy, but you are not great at handling finances. Or you might be the opposite; you are great with numbers, but you are a lost cause when it comes to words. Hiring other people to do the tasks you are not confident in doing will make you focus on things that matter. Here are five processes you’ll need a helping hand with when starting your business.

Utility bidders

Energy bills are part of company expenditure, which can increase quickly when not managed well. Getting a utility bidder will help in choosing the right utility provider for your business. They will also search for those that have flexible contracts and are easy to reach when it comes to queries about billing. Great utility services cut operational costs, which is good for the business.

Content marketers

These people are crucial in this digital age. Without their captivating words and images, a company might find it difficult to reach their target audience. If you have the means, an agency can help with the bulk of this process. If you are confident enough in your marketing skills, hiring a content writer or copywriter to assist you can result in a wonderful collaboration.


It is important to be meticulous in this process. Bookkeepers are in charge of a company’s financial records, which are highly confidential. Outsourcing these people can be challenging, as you have to choose a person you can fully trust. Once you find this person, they will be one of the most valuable assets in the business.

Payroll clerks

Their job is a part of the previous item. They calculate the number of hours an employee works. However, they go beyond that as they also have to know tax laws and regulations. A mistake in payroll can lead to a tax audit, which can cost the company more than it should. It is necessary that a payroll clerk is meticulous and knows everything about taxes.

Administrative assistants

These people will take care of the ‘small things’ – scheduling appointments, making an inventory of office supplies and other paraphernalia, and sorting through the company’s main email inbox. Luckily, you can hire a virtual assistant and pay them by the hour. There are also online applications that can help with scheduling meetings or tasks. If these do not appeal to you, an administrative assistant in the flesh is the way to go. Now you can reduce your workload and focus on your priorities.

Although there are other processes that you can outsource, like information technology (IT) and human resources (HR), these people are crucial in making the business a successful one.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.