Why Social Media Marketing is Essential for Small Businesses

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are not just used for socialization purposes, they are an essential part of the marketing strategies of all businesses nowadays. The reason why Social Media Marketing (SMM) is becoming more popular is because it is a cost effective and efficient method of advertising, especially for small businesses. The advantages of SMM are so phenomenal that 90% of marketers claimed to have immense exposure of their company through social networks. About 73% of small businesses use social media marketing to promote their brand. If you are an entrepreneur, startup or a small business owner, here are the reasons why social media is the best marketing tool for your business:

Increased Brand Awareness:

Using social media, you will be engaging with a broad audience of potential customers that will increase your brand recognition and visibility. Presence of your brand on all the social platforms will allow you to engage with a new network that can turn out to be your brand advocates. You can showcase your products and services, post updates and events. Social media networking enables you to reach your targeted audience and interact with them to promote your business. A study showed that about 83% of the people prefer to engage with a brand on Facebook around 53% on Twitter.

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More Inbound Traffic and Better Organic Reach:

Social media is a hub of different type of people that have different interest, behaviors and needs. Publishing your content on as many social platforms as possible will allow these individuals to reach your brand organically. Every post you share is an opportunity to acquire a new customer which will automatically lead to increased website visitors. Social media signals are major factors that rank your website in Google search results. Sharing appealing and relevant content on social media will encourage more audience to follow you and share your posts with their family and other folks. As a result, social media signals to the search engines that people like your content. It gives you domain authority and improved organic search rankings. Without promoting your business on social media, it will be hard to reach anyone outside your loyal customer circle.

Cost Effective:

It’s free to post an interactive post on Facebook, upload a video on YouTube or to take part in an industry TweetChat, but the cost is associated with time. The paid promotions you decide to invest in, cost low in contrast to other advertising tactics. That is why small businesses utilize this marketing tool. Target the social networks that can give you the most bang for bucks. Hence, social media marketing is a small investment with a greater return. Start with the minimum budget and see how the paid promotions perform, and gradually fine-tune your strategy and try increasing your investment. Investing small money in SMM will significantly increase your conversation rates. Only the right targeting can yield fruitful results. You can hire the best digital marketing service provider like summon.co to do this job for you.

Better Customer Service:

You can provide better customer service with a good social media marketing strategy. Social networks enable one to one interaction and help in communicating directly with your clients or visitors. Customers are more satisfied to get a personalized response and get their queries resolved as soon as possible. Being able to acknowledge each comment and personal message shows that you are attentive to your clients’ needs and aim at providing the best experience. Whenever a customer interacts on your social media account, it is an opportunity to publically demonstrate that your brand is devoted to provide the best customer service.

Hence, Social media marketing is a powerful tool for small businesses to reach their potential customers at low cost and grow their business to stand out among competitors.  

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.