Types and Benefits of Bollard Installation

Benefits of bollard Installation are a great way to avoid high installation and maintenance costs associated with other site features. Bollards have been in use for a very long time. It is possible that most of us are not aware of the term bollards. However, all of us see bollards everywhere around us. They are used to control and manage traffic, provide safety for vehicles, protect buildings, etc.

Since many countries have started using bollards. They have realized the uses and benefits of this product. That is why it is now been widely used for many purposes. Bollards are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials because they are made differently for different needs and requirements of customers.

If we talk in terms of definition, then a bollard is a short, vertical post that is basically used to create hindrance and restrict entry. Proper installation of bollards on locations makes it very useful to serve different purposes.

Bollards serve different purposes. They can be used for safety, and security, as well as for decorative purposes. For example, in the case of safety and security, they are used on the roads to differentiate between different lanes and installed around parking lots and public parks to provide safety for pedestrians.

Similarly, they are placed in different areas for decorative purposes as well. For example, wooden bollards n parks match the surrounding scenery.

Types of Bollards

As described above, bollards are used at different places for different purposes. That is why it comes in different types. Some types of bollards used widely are described below.

1. Removable Bollards

Removable bollards, as the name implies, are the type of bollards that are used in places where you want customized access. For example, there are places where you want to restrict cars at one time and allow them to enter some other time. In these cases, removable bollards serve the purpose. They are easily removable because they are not fixed in the ground. Removable bollards provide flexibility for users. They can be stored somewhere else when not in use.

2. Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards are also known as permanent bollards. They are installed by excavating deep in the ground. The purpose of fixed benefits of bollard Installation is to restrict entry at a certain place permanently. They are also made of heavy-weight materials like steel or concrete.

They are mostly placed along roadsides to provide safety and security for both vehicular and foot traffic. Their purpose is to reduce the impact of the collision. That is why they have to be made of strong and sturdy in order to serve the purpose.

3. Construction Bollards

Bollards that are used at construction sites for warning the traffic are called construction bollards. These bollards need not be of heavyweight material because their purpose is to guide the traffic not to control it. That is why they are made in bright colors and reflective tape is placed on them to provide a visual barrier.

4. Retractable Bollards

These are the type of bollards that are used at places where customers need flexible entry or exit of vehicles. Retractable bollards retract down into the ground when they are not in use or when you want to allow the vehicle to enter your premises. When you need to restrict vehicle entry, the benefits of bollard Installation comes out of the ground to create a barrier. In this way, you can restrict or allow entry according to your own requirements.

5.  Plastic Bollards

Plastic bollards are made of recycled plastic. They are used mostly for guidance purposes. Recycled steel mesh is also used inside the plastic in order to make it stronger and long-lasting. However, they can be easily cut or bent, which means they are not much durable. They are usually installed in places that need frequent changes. For example, plastic bollards are used on highways to guide traffic. They are not resistant to crashes or collisions.

Benefits of Bollards

Different bollards have different uses and benefits. They are an extremely beneficial product not only for controlling and managing traffic but also for guiding and decorative purposes. That is why the concept of security bollards and posts is becoming very popular. Some of the most common benefits of bollard Installation are described below.

· Safety

They provide safety not only for pedestrians but for vehicles as well. Bollards are placed between lanes so that no one can violate and go into each other’s lane. This can prevent accidents. Similarly, they are placed outside public places like parks and parking lots to provide safety for pedestrians.

· Security

Bollards can provide security against theft, crashes, etc. For example, store owners place heavy-weight bollards on storefronts in order to prevent burglary. The new way of stealing is that burglars enter the store with their vehicles by crashing into the storefront made of glass. They just smash into the store, steal things, and ran away immediately into their vehicle. Placing bollards has minimized such robberies.

· Visual Barrier

Bollards also act as a visual barrier. They are installed with special placement in order to provide the drivers and traffic a visual barrier and they become warned and alert while driving in a particular area. Moreover, they are available in customized designs and colors to meet specific customer needs.

· Aesthetics

Alongside providing a visual barrier, bollards also increase the aesthetic appeal of a place or building. They are placed for decorative purposes in different places. For example, they are placed with specific color schemes to match the surrounding, scenery, or architecture of the building, etc.

Summing Up

Bollards are a very useful product as it has varied uses and advantages. There are a number of different types, sizes, and styles of bollards available in the market to fulfill different user requirements. However, you have to be careful while choosing the bollard type that will fit your needs and requirements.                                                                

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