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Adapting Digitally to New Consumer Behaviors

COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior, forcing the world to interact remotely. The number of digital consumers was already growing with younger generations. As this occurs, the number of consumers interacting face to face trends down.  How Do You Engage Consumers That Are Staying Home? Less contact is looking more and more like the new normal. […]

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3 Essential Software Tools For Smart Business Management

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  small businesses have downsized ten times more in March 2020, according to Gusto. Thankfully, we are slowly recovering from this economic blow. However, with limited resources remaining, running a business remains a challenge.   Operating a business with leaner resources has become a top concern in these times, alongside  brand survival in […]

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Applying Focused Design To Bring In Your Niche

For modern business, an online presence is non-negotiable. While building a website was once an easy ticket to growth, it’s not so simple these days; as Forbes rightly outlines, savvy businesses  need to find their niche to generate that digital growth. Tapping into the right demographic or consumer group isn’t an arcane art that requires some […]

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