3 Essential Software Tools For Smart Business Management

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  small businesses have downsized ten times more in March 2020, according to Gusto. Thankfully, we are slowly recovering from this economic blow. However, with limited resources remaining, running a business remains a challenge.  

Operating a business with leaner resources has become a top concern in these times, alongside  brand survival in the face of disaster. With these software tools, you can make good headway towards smarter, leaner business management. 

Effective Email Management Tools 

In the age of social connectivity, many business owners are familiar with the inconveniences of email management. Whether it’s email outreach or receiving business emails, managing this aspect can become tiresome and time-consuming. Luckily, there are several fantastic tools for effective email management. 

For email outreach, SalesHandy is a great pick as its prime selling point is the automated cold email follow-up system. This reduces the amount of work you have to put into cold email campaigns. For general email management, the Clean Email tool does everything from auto-unsubscribing to newsletters to organizing emails into sections that are easier to review. This way, users get a more simplified view of their inbox, without being overwhelmed by unsolicited messages. 

A Project-Tracking And Optimization Program  

Chances are you’ve come upon things that hold your work system back from growth and maximum efficiency. This can be anything from a human error to tedious tasks. These things can induce burnout and hurt productivity. Minor inconveniences and setbacks pile up. Together, they can throw a wrench into your entire operation. The primary way to combat this is to invest as much into automation and standardization as you can. 

The same philosophy went into  the concept of the assembly line during the late industrial revolution. With project-tracking software like  Journyx, it uses a unified program to track resources, work hours, and expenses to give you a smart-assisted edge. That way, you can make every production step as simple, inexpensive, and with minimal. 

Documentation and Organization Tools 

Document clutter stems from a constant need to create documents, which is its own obstacle to take on. For document creation, Google Docs is a fantastic starter tool for those who are satisfied with the “standard fare”. It offers its  own styling and editing features for orderly document creation. It also has its own fonts and other design choices for those who want to get more visual flair out of their documents. If you’ve found you’ve outgrown Google Docs, however, consider investing in Office 365, with its vast suite of features, templates, and more.  

To organize documents, you’ll want to get Evernote. Evernote serves as both a memo app and a file sync app. The app allows them to pitch in with their own additions to the file in seconds. This makes remote collaborative efforts easier than ever before. It also allows you to save email attachments, memos, and documents in one place for easy viewing on both your PC and mobile.  

Times are challenging, and we must adapt to new tools and a way of how we manage our business. Still, you have the business savvy that got you this far, as well as the most business-focused apps and programs ever devised. With these useful tools, you can easily adapt to the methods of productivity and management.

Ryan Kh

Ryan Kahn, known as a career coach and television personality. Ryan Kahn is founder of The Hired Group, author of Hired!