Chamber of Commerce Shares Important Tips for Businesses Facing COVID-19

The United States Chamber of Commerce regularly provides helpful information for business owners trying to overcome major challenges. The coronavirus crisis is one of the biggest threats to the global business community over the past century. A number of experts from the United States Chamber of Commerce and other chambers of commerce across the country have shared some important insights that can help them. 

Every business owner needs to take their advice to heart. It is no secret that the COVID-19 crisis has been devastating to countless business owners. According to some surveys, around 12% of businesses will fail if the pandemic progresses significantly. This is an alarming statistic that should frighten many entrepreneurs. Fortunately, it does show that the majority of businesses will be able to survive

However, they are going to need to take appropriate steps. They can’t afford to be complacent as the spread of the virus continues to escalate. 

Here are some tips that will help business owners remain resilient in the face of this crisis. 

Find appropriate ways to encourage social distancing with your customers 

You need to minimize contact between all of your stakeholders. You can encourage employees to social distance by working remotely. 

However, you will need to take more proactive measures to ensure social distancing with your customers. Many of them are not as informed about the need for social distancing or your specific policies as your employees will be. They also don’t face the same fear of reprisal for violating social distancing measures. 

You will need to find creative ways to implement social distancing to keep customers safe. You might want to start by using social distancing stickers to keep people 6 feet away from each other. You should also close certain bathroom stalls, changing room cubicles and other amenities that customers use.

Shift towards virtual meetings with customers 

Entrepreneurs need to start considering the benefits of connecting with customers remotely. It is obviously more difficult to pitch a customer when you can’t see them face-to-face. However, this new approach is becoming a necessity during the pandemic. 

On a positive note, this digital form of communication could be a great opportunity for tech savvy businesses. Many of your competitors probably aren’t willing to do the legwork to create a new online customer engagement model. This means that your business might be able to take advantage of the new deficit of suppliers willing to serve these customers. 

Offer employees the opportunity to work remotely 

The number of employees working remotely has increased significantly since the onset of COVID-19. A poll from Gallup showed that only 31% of employed adults worked from home during mid-March. That figure increased to 49% a few days after. A week after the second poll was taken, another one showed that the percentage of employed adults working remotely increase to 59%. By the middle of April, that figure peaked at 61%. 

If you look at this data in context, you can see that the number of Americans working remotely has doubled during the pandemic. This is obviously not an accident. Employers want to do everything possible to keep their employees safe. This is important for morale and the sustainability of their business. 

Take sensible measures to protect customers and employees 

The coronavirus pandemic has battered many businesses around the country. The good news is that there are plenty of steps that entrepreneurs can take to keep employees and customers safe. If you follow the measures recommended by experts from the Chamber of Commerce, your business will be far more sustainable.

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