5 Bottlenecks that Can Stall Your Business Growth

Whenever you run a business, you can face different bottlenecks. Bottlenecks refer to factors that can prevent a business from growing, improving or making money. Make sure that you keep your eyes out for these five bottlenecks so that they won’t prevent your business from growing or even hinder it.

Market Saturation

Businesses tend to go through trends because they base their products on their customers’ wants. Due to this, sometimes the market becomes over-saturated with the same types of products. When too many businesses sell the same products or services, this is known as marketing saturation.

If you face marketing saturation, then you should start making changes so that your business stands out. Try and add new features that will draw in more customers so that they will choose yours over competitors. If you try new approaches or ideas, you can overcome this bottleneck.

Lack of Money

This one seems obvious because it’s common: sometimes, businesses don’t have the money to grow. After all, if you can’t spend money to create more products to fulfill orders, or new and better products to grow the breadth of your offering, the making money can also be difficult. In instances like these, business loans can be a useful tool to help companies grow and scale to earn greater profits

Loans can help businesses if used correctly and you can find them through different places. If you don’t want to use a bank, then you can look at companies like Lantern Credit to find small business loans that meet your business needs and qualifications. Businesses like this can work as middlemen to help match you with lenders and help you compare the pros and cons of each. 

Inefficient Time Management

Some businesses don’t know how to properly manage their time and this can cost them money in the long run. This happens since you may not know what to prioritize in your business. This then causes employees and managers to focus on areas that may not matter as much.

Proper time management comes down to knowing what’s most important for your business. You always have smaller tasks that you need to think about and consider, but make sure that your employees tackle the most important tasks first. You can do this as you teach them what to prioritize.

Not Hiring the Right People

If you don’t have the right people in leadership positions, or helping your business, then it could create a bottleneck. This means that you should take more time and effort when going through the hiring process, but how do you know who you should hire? 

It comes down to knowing your expectations and requirements. Make sure you know what qualities, experience and knowledge your employees or leaders should have before hiring them. These predetermined factors and ideas will help you to decide which candidates to hire for different positions.

Lack of Marketing

If you don’t market your business, then you will struggle when it comes to finding new customers. While retaining customers is important for your business to make money, you won’t grow if you don’t properly market. 

Make sure that your business puts time into its marketing process. This includes finding ways to advertise in your city and through online channels. Even using email, social media and text messaging can benefit your business. Do your best to advertise your business to others and use multiple advertising channels so that it can grow.

Keep Moving Forward

Your business will face different moments where bottlenecks may prevent growth and improvement. However, as you keep your eyes out for them and properly work past them, you can bring your business back to a point where it makes money and grows.

Ryan Kh

Ryan Kahn, known as a career coach and television personality. Ryan Kahn is founder of The Hired Group, author of Hired!