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Six Types of Golf Course Marketing Tactics for 2022

With thousands of new golfers Start playingGolf courses have been busy since the start of the pandemic. While there’s some competition between courses, both public and private facilities are experiencing an increased number of participants, as well as lessons and members.   Golf course marketing plays a greater role in defining your brand and distinguishing you […]

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22 Online Ordering Statistics Every Restaurateur Should Know in 2022

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: the popularity of online ordering is on a meteoric rise. Direct-to-consumer pickup and delivery options are gaining popularity across the nation, including restaurants. Online ordering and mobile apps for food has taken off in 2019. It will only grow faster. Mobile and online orders have become […]

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10 Email Marketing Ideas for Your Golf Course

Email personalization is an essential marketing strategy for getting your customers to fully engage with you business. 92% of customers  expect brands to send them personalized communications and A higher percentage of 80% will make a purchase when a brand’s marketing campaigns are more targeted.  Luckily, coming up with smart, engaging email content for your […]

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Importance of a Good Golf Course Website

When was the last time you logged onto a company’s website and weren’t impressed?  Think about the time when you visited a well-designed, intuitive corporate website.  We’ll level with you: most golf course websites simply aren’t up to par. Research consistently shows Good web design has a positive impact On attracting, keeping, and converting customers.  […]

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