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Buddy is a business journalist with a focus on technology and innovation. With over 10 years of experience reporting on the latest business trends, Buddy has a reputation for being a well-informed, in-depth and analytical journalist. He has a keen understanding of the intersection between technology and business, and is able to explain the impact of emerging technologies on various industries. Buddy has interviewed some of the most influential leaders in the tech industry and has covered major tech events such as CES and SXSW. He is also a regular contributor to business publications and has won several awards for his work.

Reasons Why Posters and Signage Matters

Due to the pandemic, face-to-face interaction becomes very limited. Everyone was shocked, especially companies that are just starting to emerge in the market. What will happen in promoting the business, and it happened, COVID? Biggest marketing platforms such as trade shows are prohibited. So, what is next? We should create ways to continue to advertise […]

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How to Start a Security Business

Thinking of starting up your own security business? Crime continues to be a major issue across all cities, making security a high priority for businesses.  The question is, how can you start your own security business and what factors do you need to consider? What type of service will you offer? The first thing you […]

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