8 Proven Branding Tips to Develop A Powerful Company Identity

There is no greater way to ensure the longevity of your company than to establish its identity.

Most likely you are not the only business that offers your specialty. Not everyone can survive in this fierce eat or be eaten market place.

You need something that will help you stick out of the pack.

The best way to do that? Improve your company’s branding using a brand design agency San Francisco. This is the key aspect of your business that makes it unique.

That uniqueness is what will attract new customers and keeps them loyal over time.

If you’ve been out in the market for a while, a revamp of your branding can be difficult. People already have an idea of who you are. But beefing up your branding can give your company new life in the market.

Wondering about how to improve the brand identity of your company? Discover eight proven branding tips to improve your company’s brand identity now.

1. Change Your Narrative

When it comes time to overhaul your branding you need to start from within. This means a total overhaul of your company’s narrative.

Who do you want to be known as? What do you want to be compared to?

With a successful branding strategy, you can actually make the consumers think the way you want them to. You will be in control of your company’s narrative going forward. Just make sure you step out on the right foot.

2. Identify The Public’s Opinion of Your Business

According to best public relations companies, you can’t change your narrative without knowing what consumers think it is. If you’ve been in business for a while, most likely the community has an opinion about you.

In today’s day and age, this doesn’t mean you have to knock on doors and conduct surveys. You can simply Google yourself and see what people are saying online about your business. Though it might not all be pretty, you need to know the truth.

You won’t know what to change about your identity if you don’t know what people don’t like about it to begin with. If you face the facts, you’ll be better off in the long run.

3. Figure Out Exactly Who Your Customers Are

Your business probably isn’t for everyone. Specificity in a market is a good thing. You know exactly who you’re catering to.

Or at least you should! A great way to establish your branding identity is to discover who you are trying to attract. The look of your website, logos, and marketing should all be appealing to customers you want.

Good branding will help customers feel like your business is calling to them without feeling targeted.

4. Quality Outcome Begets Quality Gains

Of course there’s nothing more important than the quality of the product you’re selling. There’s no branding in the world that can help a company stay in business when their product is a stinker.

However, even if you have the best product in the world, it can still be difficult to stick out in a saturated market. That’s why your branding also has to be high quality.

Great, high-end marketing content can really help you shine. Things like viral videos and podcasts can entertain while they advertise. If you have high-quality branding elements for a high-quality product, you’re set up for success.

5. Brand Your Entire Lifestyle

You are the face of the company. Wherever you go, whoever you interact with, you need to keep the branding of your business in mind.

That doesn’t mean you need to be wearing your company’s swag everywhere. Though this doesn’t hurt for brand awareness, it may sometimes seem tacky.

Branding your lifestyle means that your voice is always the same as your company’s. It starts with speaking to people with the same voice you do in your company’s blog and marketing materials. Treat people sincerely in the voice of your business and they’ll be more likely to do business with you.

6. Associating With Strong Brands Strengthens Your Brand

You can strengthen your own brand by piggybacking off of already established brands in your community. This doesn’t mean fraternizing with your competition. You can align yourself with places completely outside of your market.

Churches, charities, and schools are great places to start. These establishments have built-in patrons who will support whoever their group supports. You can also show off your generosity by being philanthropic with these organizations.

Being seen as a contributing member of the community is a great way to enhance your brand positively. These useful advantages are the keys to your company’s stronghold in its market.

7. Build Your Brand On The D.L.

People don’t want to be inundated with advertisements. Pushing your brand on consumers can come across as being too thirsty. Don’t turn off customers with desperation.

The best brand building is done when people don’t even know they are being sold something. That entails things like holding contests and cool swag giveaways.

The key to branding on the D.L. is making sure people are having fun interacting with your brand. Then they will help speed your message on their own.

8. Consistency Is Key

All these branding tips are useless if you don’t establish them across the board consistently. Every aspect of your company’s identity needs to be the same across all platforms.

That means all advertising uses similar colors and aesthetics. If you have a store, it should look and feel like your website. And marketing material should be written in your company’s voice.

If you establish a sincere, unique identity for your company, people will be able to better recognize you. If they appreciate your branding, they’ll appreciate your business.

Use These Branding Tips To Help Your Small Business Grow

If you want to survive in this market, you have to enhance your company’s identity. Reading these branding tips is a great way to start.

Now it’s time to implement some of these changes! Check out this article for more inspiration for how to make your business grow.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.