Planning to Become an Entrepreneur? Here Are 7 Business Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

“I want to have my own business and be my own boss when I grow up!”

This might be the dream of many while growing up. Everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit dreams of starting their own business one day and making it a major success. With many businesses failing within the first year, and many more failing in the first three years, it is important that one understands that business is an adventure with many ups and downs.

The best way to make the business a success is to plan and anticipate challenges ahead of time, putting in place plans to mitigate risk and deal with those challenges. It is also important to speak to those who have already undertaken to journey and glean tips that can help in the journey to success.

Here are 7 tips that every entrepreneur needs to know:

  • Clarity of Mind.

The first thing one must do is to be clear concerning the business idea that they have. It is important to understand what he or she hopes to achieve and whether it is indeed a business idea that is legitimate. One may also need to develop the idea further to ensure that it will work. Thinking through the business idea and getting clarity of mind is the number one step. From here, one is then able to put together plans that will help in the execution of the idea.

  • Research the Market and Understand It.

Market research is something that must be undertaken with all seriousness. Find out, determine and understand who your target market is and what they want. Get to know their needs and wants, as well as their dislikes and likes. The idea is to create a customer profile that includes their tastes, interests, the challenges that they face and what they would require from the company. This information will enable one to effectively sell to the said market.

  • Be equipped with relevant knowledge.

It is important that one researches the idea that they have. Find out about company formations as well, and which formation will work best for the said idea. Different management styles will work for different teams and personalities. Find out how much money it will take to get the idea off the ground, and to sustain the business until it begins to pay for itself. In business, funding is needed for progress. With good proposals and preparations, it is possible to get a cash loan philippines sure approval for business funding. If one is considering use of an online store, social media presence and the like, how to do this effectively should also be researched. Find out more about marketing and how to best market the business. Consider strengths and weaknesses and the like.

  • Set Goals.

Goals are important for giving direction and purpose. Remember that goals must always be SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. One’s decisions and actions must then feed into these goals to bring them to fulfillment. It is important that the business owner commit to the achievement of each goal that has been set. This means that one must therefore think through what it is they hope to achieve with the said business in the present day, as well as in the future. Understanding this will help in setting goals.

  • Have a plan.

As the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”. Setting goals for the fledgling business is superb, but one must have a business plan that will help him or her achieve the said goals. The idea is to look at the business idea that one has, and bring it out of the realm of dreams, break it down and put it all on paper. A business plan should contain information on each area of the business as well as one’s projected financials. It should also contain information of how one hopes to tie it all together and make the business work so that it gives profits and becomes an enterprise for making money.

  • Network.

The power of a good network cannot be understated. Making and keeping valuable connections can help the business grow in leaps and bounds. Of course, it is important that one network with experienced executives in business in general, and within one’s industry. To get in touch with these people one should consider joining governing bodies within the industry or institutes catering to people in his or her field. The idea is to take advantage of as many networking opportunities as possible.

  • Keep the focus on growth.

Getting a business off the ground takes both effort and time. There will be good times and challenging times, but one must keep their momentum where growth is concerned. One must begin with finding a rhythm or a routine for managing the business, and then in addition, begin to add other actionable steps to keep the business growing and always moving to the next level. Consistency is key in business growth. This means being at the office every day, promoting the business every day, networking as often as possible to get the business recognition that will take it to the next level. It is also important that one has a good work ethic because hard work is not optional when starting a business. In fact, many times the business owner multitasks in a variety of functions including marketing, finance, human resource, operations and the more.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.