7 Unique Things to Add to Your Job Posting to Attract the Best Talent

Writing an intriguing and comprehensive job posting can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. If you’re looking to draw in the best talent, it’s important to go beyond only including the job qualifications and requirements. 

If you’re looking for tips on how to make your next job description more effective, then read on. 

1. Add an Interesting and Catchy Introduction 

This section should include an emotional hook that describes the best aspects of the job. Are there any perks that current employees consistently rave about? Include those right away because they might set your company apart and can encourage applicants to read further.  

2. Describe What a Typical Day in the Position Would Look Like

Selling the job is a must. Otherwise, you might end up with fewer candidates than you’d like. Go into detail in the description and don’t be afraid to include daily tasks that will need to be completed. Don’t be afraid to add humor if it fits your brand because you might get some lively candidates that are perfect for the role. Potential candidates don’t want too many surprises or to waste time either.

3. Offer a Salary Range Upfront 

Though a candidate might have the experience, this alone doesn’t mean that they’re the right person for the position. “While it’s best to pay for specialized talent, you don’t want to be committed to a salary if the person doesn’t end up being a good fit,” remarked Steve Lewis, president and CEO of Ambient Edge. Including a salary range in your job posting also adds a sense of urgency and helps candidates discern whether or not a position could be suitable for them. 

4. Include Special Requests 

Don’t hesitate to ask for anything out of the ordinary, like a unique cover letter or answers to any relevant questions that you have right away. You can find out more about what they are looking to gain from the job right away instead of finding out the answer to this question after you’ve already invested a lot in the hiring process.

5. Include Your Business Backstory

Write about things that your candidates might be wondering. How long has your company been around? How long do staff members usually stick around? Is there anything unique you can include as far as accolades, awards, or benefits/work culture that might grab their interest? Hiring employees who are enthusiastic about their new role is a must.

6. Briefly Summarize Why They Should be Interested

At the end, once again go over the top 6-7 reasons why a candidate should continue through to the application process. This might not seem like it will make much of a difference, but the reminder could be helpful for those candidates who are more indecisive.

7. Outline the Application or Onboarding Process

Companies that have a shorter interview process can benefit greatly by including this in the job description. Roles that only require one interview will be popular because the hiring process isn’t extensive, like many large companies. If your process is more on the exhaustive side, you might instead include a brief description of the next step of the process.

In short, don’t discount the power of a good job description. The best candidates are looking for the right types of roles that can keep them captivated from the first day onward, and it starts with the job posting. If you’re able to be strategic with your posting, your job description can attract the best talent for the position.

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