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5 Benefits of SMS Surveys

Do you want to survey customers, but aren’t sure how to create a survey that’s economical and efficient? Or, have you been disappointed with the results of the surveys you’ve sent to customers? It might be time to try a different distribution method. Text messaging, or SMS, surveys send your target audience a text message. […]

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24 Positive Quotes to Start Your Day

Quotes are a great way to get motivated and gain perspective. From great minds of the past to catchy pop-culture slogans, quotes of all kinds are more available now than ever. There’s no better way to begin than to read some positive quotes to start your day. Positive quotes to start your day when you […]

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What Are The Most Common Office Work Injuries?

When most people think about maintaining safety in the workplace, they think about jobs in construction or warehouses where workers are constantly moving, carrying heavy objects and working with industrial machinery. However, those aren’t the only workplaces where safety is a concern.  Even your average white-collar office can still be an unsafe environment if not […]

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