6 Powerful Facebook Marketing Secrets That Will Surprise You

Apart from the fact that Facebook is a viral social media platform with a friendly user interface, yet it is quite difficult to understand its Ad campaign fully. Also, while it is good to use the immense opportunity provided by Facebook to target your audience, several beautiful secrets can be missed by even experienced Ad campaign managers.

These secrets here will help you understand the necessary steps you need to make to ensure that you get the optimum results for your business.

Audience Insights: This feature will give you a detailed review of the audience in your email list. Audience Insights is a new and yet hidden button in the Facebook advertising engine. It is entirely different from the Custom Insights that provides the opportunity to upload emails from your customers for designed target marketing.

Audience insight is also different from Page Insights; because, unlike Page Insights, this button helps to look for the latest trends of your prospective and existing customers. It is located in the Ads Manager section of the Ad page and shows crucial information about your target audience. It helps to show you if your audience accesses your Facebook page through their mobile or a laptop, it also checks for demographics, monitors likes, comments, languages, and location.

All these info are what is needed for a better designed and engaging marketing ad campaign.

Custom Audience: For Website retargeting

This feature is a new method for Facebook Ad users to retarget their existing customers. The feature helps you monitor those who have visited your website through your Facebook Ad. With this, you can target your existing customers with whom you already have an existing relationship with. You get to have a target audience amongst your already existing customers; this Ad can be created using the Create Tool or the Power Editor

The unusual feature of using the Facebook Custom Audience is to match your current customer’s list and ease in reaching these already engaged customers using the customer’s list.

Power Editor Feature helps you create Ad variation buttons

For those who prefer to have absolute control over their campaign, this feature will be the best feature that suits you. The Power Editor is located in the Ads Manager section on the Ad page. Ensure to select the advert campaign you want to make a variation of before you open the Power Editor.

Ads Reporting: Makes more details available

Using this feature will give you the benefit of knowing the number of impressions and clicks that happens on your advert campaign. This will help you make crucial decisions in your future campaigns. With the Facebook Ads Reporting feature, you can get a routine report of how well your campaign is doing on Facebook.

It helps you understand how your campaign is fairing by age or country without needing to run a split test tests with several Ads after which you can check the performance of your Adverts depending on your Action Metrics.

Audience Insights ++: Get Vital Insights About your USA audience

The Audience Insights ++ feature gives you crucial information about your audience from the United States. This is only possible because Facebook has partnered with several highly placed data aggregators from the United States to make relevant data available to help Ad managers get the best from their ad campaigns.

The information on Audience Insights ++ includes info about the household size of your customers, their income bracket, their spending habits and the types of vehicles used by them; all these are made available on Audience Insights ++. This feature alone can help you save lots of money that would have been spent in scouting for these audiences in several ad campaigns.

Conversion Tracking: You get to know if your Ad is paying off.

This helps you to know if your ads are paying you accordingly or not. The tool advises you about the actions your targeted audience takes after seeing your Ad; actions include purchasing something or registering for your conference or webinar. It also helps you measure the Return on Investment of your Facebook Ad by using the actions people take when your adverts are shown to them.

You should ensure to implement any of these steps if you use Facebook as a platform to advertise your service/product. You can use the services of an advertising agency to help you handle all that concerns your Facebook Campaign. This saves you the whole stress of going through these procedures and also gives you the confidence that your campaign is in the hands of experienced professionals.



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