6 Must-Know Tips to Make Your Next Event Trendy

If you’re planning an event, you’ll want to give your attendees reasons to get excited about it – and that means understanding what the trends in event-planning are. 

The event space is changing rapidly, not only because of technology – although that’s a very big part of it! – but also because of changing consumer tastes. 

As we’ll see, the future of event planning may well be to deliver more benefits more of the time, and in more customized ways. 

1). Think Value-Added & Versatile

You have your idea for an event, and it’s going to be amazing. You’ve even booked that amazing venue for hire in London that you’ve always dreamed of for an event.  

But wait, how will you really make your event stand out? 

The answer is by packing it full of value-added benefits, and generally working to be as versatile as possible. 

Think about every single part of the event, and how you can pack some kind of benefits and value into it. 

For example, when you design your name tags, print out an overview of the schedule on the back. If you give away a swag bag, include a “save the date” in it to encourage people to sign up for next year’s event. 

These kinds of small things can add to the benefits your attendees receive from your events, and that will encourage them to keep coming back.

2). Celebrate Diverse Voices 

It is broadly true that society has become much more receptive to hearing the voices of people who are diverse, who do not fit societal molds or the conventions or identities of the majority. 

Given that this is the case, it is a good idea to try to empower diverse voices in your events – all the more since all too often, events are remiss in this regard. 

Think outside the box: try to book people who will challenge your attendees and encourage them to consider perspectives they might not have considered before. 

There is good research evidence that far from being risky, this kind of thing pays off: people enjoy hearing “contrarian” voices that help them shape their ideas. 

3). Mindfulness & Wellness

Society is becoming more mindful – of each other, of the planet, of our own wellness. The days of back-to-back sessions, endless note-taking, and wall-to-wall vendor booths are giving way to a more manageable and wellness-oriented approach. 

Think about incorporating the concept of breaks into your event, to give people time to rest and rejuvenate and digest things that they have learned. 

Other ideas to consider include hands-on workshops, some time spent outdoors doing fun activities, art exhibits, and wellness-promoting activities. 

4). Customization & Personalization 

More and more, people expect things to be personalized to their own tastes. This is why it is important to incorporate personalization into your event. 

Before the event even takes place, ask your attendees to weigh in on which sessions they want to be offered. This is a good way of involving them and making sure you give them what they want.

Personalization through an event app, especially an AI-enabled event app, is another good idea. These apps take data the users enter during ticketing, and generate “matchmaking” between users and speakers, presentations, and workshops. 

AI-enabled event apps can even learn as users act on their suggestions or disregard them, becoming better at matching users to people, activities, and workshops they may be interested in.

5). Think Sustainability 

As society has become more green-oriented and conscious of our impact on the earth, it is increasingly important to think in terms of sustainability. 

It is easy to pay lip-service to this concept, but it is increasingly important to not stop there. People are starting to notice who does and does not use biodegradable and recycled materials. 

Can you have the nametags printed out in sustainable, recycled paper? Can you avoid plastics wherever possible? 

For the food options, think Fair Trade and organic. If you can donate any unused food to community organizations, so much the better – both for the principle of the thing, and because it will improve your image with regard to sustainability. 

6). Mind the Menu

This may go without saying, but in these days food sensitivities are more prevalent than ever. 

You’re going to need vegetarian – ideally, vegan – and gluten-free options at least. Don’t forget peanut allergies and tree nut allergies. 

A few different options can make your life simpler, but it’s a good idea if some of the options can kill two or more birds with one stone. Can some of your food be vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, and tree-nut-free? 


Planning a memorable event that will motivate people to come back for more means going above and beyond with regard to providing value, honoring diversity, mindfulness, customization, sustainability, and the menu.

Think in these terms, and you’ll be well on your way to an unforgettable event. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.