5 Unique Ways to Use Technology in Your Business

Technology is continuously growing and evolving as new ideas come to life, and old designs are tweaked and perfected. Staying up with everything is virtually impossible, especially for people who are running a business of their own. However, there is a benefit in keeping updated with the most recent technology trends, especially those that could benefit the way your business is run. With this in mind, I’ve done the research for you and compiled some unique ways to use technology in your industry.

Idea Management

Software that focuses on idea management can help get everyone’s big ideas in the same place. This kind of software includes tools for employees to suggest ideas, work together on making ideas a reality, and in developing new products or services.

Additionally, this type of software can include social networking tools that will promote collaboration among platforms.

There are all kinds of idea management software providers. You will want to do some research to determine what will best fit your company’s needs and budget. Some commonly used software management products include Idea Spotlight, Brightidea, and Aha!.

Communication and Collaboration

Communication and collaboration among employees are easier now than they have ever been. Cloud and mobile technology have allowed coworkers to share ideas and work on documents without the hassle of emailing or creating new drafts.

A representative from CINC Systems recommends a cloud-based platform for any business. The ease and simplicity that a cloud-based system provides makes it possible for employees to work on any document from any location, and sharing documents is as simple as the click of a button.

Task Management

Task management software has made collaboration on large projects a breeze. Employees can be assigned or assign tasks, see how those tasks fit into the bigger picture, set deadlines, and all kinds of helpful additions. Some additions could include discussion boards, video conferencing, and chat functions.

For businesses who have employees in different buildings, working various shifts, or working on projects with a lot of moving pieces, task management would be a great asset to streamlining the process.

Social Media

Although many businesses already know the benefits of advertising on social media, what many people overlook is the ability to track customer feedback. Ask customers to rate your business, create polls that customers can fill out anonymously, and pay attention to any comments left on your page.

Mileage Tracking Apps

For employees who must keep track of their mileage driven for work, several apps will do just that. Not only do they keep track of mileage, but they provide a map of where you traveled and how long it took. Additionally, employees can create different categories for different places of employment, so at any point during the year, they can see how many miles were driven for each type they have entered.

Not only do these kinds of apps help eliminate math errors, but they tend to keep employees more accountable.

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