5 Tricks to Make Your Job Posting Stand Out From the Masses

Since job applicants take an average of six months to land a job, the number of listings they look through and apply for might be shocking.

If you’re a hiring manager, try to make job listings more appealing to those who are job searching, and by using the right strategy you can locate the perfect candidate.

What exactly can you do to make your job posting stand out among the seemingly endless list of other open jobs? This article can get you started in the right direction with five tricks that can help draw in the skilled talent.

1. Be Straightforward

Instead of writing long block paragraphs, try to make your text easy to quickly scan through. Formatting tricks like bullet points, paragraph breaks, numbering, italics, boldface can help with this. Include your logo and keep it short since more succinct job descriptions that are between 700-2,000 words tend to get more applicants.

2. Clear and Common Job Titles

Job seekers typically look for popular job titles for the position they are looking for. Trying to get creative with the roles might only confuse people or discourage applicants from applying. Improve ways people will find you in search by spelling out acronyms and being as specific as possible. 

3. Don’t Write a Novel

“While it might seem like a good idea to write about all aspects of the position to be certain people are aware of what’s required, it’s better to be brief,” explained Ted Rosenberg, partner at Rosenberg and Gluck LLP. Include the most frequent 5-8 tasks of the position and include them in a bullet point list. Additionally, make sure the top requirements are clear and stand out on the job listing.

4. Sell the Position

You’ll need to try and make the position sound appealing with unique aspects of the company, details about why the job is necessary, and you might even consider including the salary range. Include the mission statement to give applicants a vision that they might align with. Are there any benefits like lunch discounts or flex schedules? Speaking highly of the position can be enough to seal the deal for some applicants that might be on the edge.

5. Include Necessary Details

Is the role freelance or employee? Is the job full-time or part-time? Many job postings don’t include this helpful information, so putting these details front and center can give your post an edge. It can also be useful to list the exact job location as far as city and state go. If the position is a remote one, list any requirements regarding where applicants can work (e.g., certain states, the US, or any location worldwide).

While it might seem daunting to make your job posting stand out, it’s easier than it sounds. Be descriptive and accurate when entering the title and additional information. Hopefully, after implementing these tips you’ll have more skilled talent than you know what to do with and can’t decide on who would be the best hire.

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