What Customers See When They Visit Your Business: Why Presentation Is Key

First impressions count and when a customer visits your business what they see often constitutes that first impression and if a poor one is given that can be hard to recover from. So how do we ensure that isn’t going to happen? We are going to run through a few of the ways we can build this positive impression right here.

Have Presentable Staff

Unless you have an ultra-modern business which is fully automated then it is a certainty that any customer visiting your premises is going to come into contact with your staff. So it’s key that your people are presentable. Effectively there are two main options, either have a staff uniform or a dress-code and in either case you should stipulate certain expectations in their contract of employment with regards to what is acceptable in terms of appearance. Of course, you need to be reasonable and fair and be aware of issues and legislation regarding religious dress, gender discrimination, etc.

Make Sure The Building Has Good Signage

Firstly most businesses want to be identifiable so signage is practical no matter what. But beyond that you mustn’t have old, cheap or poor-quality signs, this can give a very negative impression of your business. You need to be aware of various things when choosing a sign such as how far away people need to see it from, how much info to put on it (the less the better, cluttered is bad) and does it need to be illuminated, also keep in mind any local legislation regarding size and type of signs allowed.

Keep Any Waiting Rooms In Good Order

If you have a waiting area for customers that they spend any amount of time in then you need to be sure it is presentable. Clean and tidy is the absolute minimum you should expect and if you don’t already have one then get a cleaning crew to regularly service this area. You may want to consider to upgrade your waiting room and think about décor, amenities for customers such as tea and coffee, even a system to inform them of how long they need to wait.

Consider Promoting New Products & Services In Communal Areas

In any area where customers regularly wait or pass through it is important to not waste the promotional opportunity to inform them of new services and products. You should display banners and signs showing what is new. You can even erect wall-mounted screens these days to easily change up the displays at regular intervals at no extra cost.

Ensure Any Sensitive Material Is Out Of Sight
Data privacy and protection is more important than ever these days and measures should be taken to ensure that any sensitive material is protected. Use passwords on computers and documents, have locked cabinets for physical files and ensure that all staff are properly trained in data management, privacy and security measures and law. This way you can avoid any thorny legal issues.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.