The 5 Best Hootsuite Alternatives For Managing Social Media Networks (2018)

As more businesses become tech-savvy, there’s an increasing need to enhance social media marketing. It’s no secret, social media networks are one of the most effective marketing platforms today.

It’s also no secret that Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media marketing tools out there in the marketplace. If you want to get started with Hootsuite, click here to read our Quick Start Guide.

Business owners have gradually taken on the extra task of monitoring and managing their social profiles that include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all in an attempt to engage with a larger audience and build their brand.

Luckily, HootSuite came to the rescue. This social media management tool is designed to lift the burden carried by online marketers by offering a streamlined management solution.

But is there a better HootSuite alternative out there?

Here Are the 5 Best HootSuite alternatives for 2018:




This isn’t just a simple social media management tool with a catchy name – it’s actually great Hootsuite alternative for bloggers and social media personalities who frequently need to be in the loop.

Initially, SocialOomph was launched in a bid to enhance the management of Twitter. It was therefore called

Gradually, it started focusing on improving the general management and productivity of other social networks, thus changing its name to SocialOomph and earning its rightful place among the likes of HootSuite.

SocialOomph helps to boost the productivity of social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk, RSS feeds and Tumblr.

You can use it to schedule posts, monitor your social media activities, track your audience and follow quality profiles.

For Twitter, this tool gets even better by offering these features:

  • Tweeting via mail
  • Keyword searches
  • Tracking tweets and mentions
  • Following back those who follow you

SocialOomph offers a free trial period that lasts for 7 days, after which you start making payments of $17.97 once every two weeks. The beauty of using this tool is its DM management feature which filters and clears spam messages. On the down side, most of its advanced features are solely meant for Twitter.


Social Pilot

If you’re searching for a cutting-edge Hootsuite alternative with all the latest features, SocialPilot comes highly recommended. This all-inclusive social network scheduling tool allows bloggers, professionals and companies to organize and manage their online activities more effectively.

Features of SocialPilot

  • Just like HootSuite, you can use SocialPilot to post one update across an assortment of social media networks simultaneously.
  • SocialPilot allows you to schedule posts and blogs for different times and different days. Therefore, your work continues uninterrupted even when you’re offline.
  • It has a scheduling calendar that allows you to track all posts on your various accounts.
  • SocialPilot also has a customized Facebook branding feature that improves the visibility of your brand.
  • Teams can use SocialPilot together. Contributors can also be added, some who possess editing rights while others who are simply passive moderators. This guarantees thorough scrutiny of posts before they go live.
  • Apart from providing Chrome extensions, SocialPilot mobile app is also available for both iOS and Android.

SocialPilot recently released huge updates such as an advanced user interface as well as a content suggestion feature. It costs $10 per month for bloggers and individuals, while businesses and online sellers can get it at $30 per month.

Delightfully, it has a free account that allows users to connect 3 social networks, post 10 content updates per day and schedule 30 posts.


Buffer Social Scheduling Tool

With more than 2 million current users, Buffer is already proving to be a force to reckon with. Many major agencies and publishers use Buffer to manage their online social networks, most notably Business Insider and Fortune.

Buffer has a growing network of developers from different countries working tirelessly to improve its services, fix bugs and resolve any issues that come up.

Here are the striking features of Buffer:

  • All paid plans are able to schedule messages and posts to your Pinterest profile.
  • You can present the times you post on each profile or platform in advance.
  • Buffer paid plans support RSS feed integration.
  • Using a single click, you can share valuable website content with your social audience while using the browser extension to continue browsing.
  • For those who enjoy writing texts on images, the Pablo extension offered by Buffer helps you do exactly that.

Although Buffer supports lesser social networks compared to Hootsuite, its simplicity and streamlined functionality make it a worthwhile Hootsuite alternative. Prices range from free to $399/month.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social Social Media Management Tool

A good social media handling tool needs to be fast, efficient and neat. Sprout Social offers a spruce dashboard to help you scale up your online marketing techniques in a better, more organized way.

Sprout Social has a unified box where all messages from different social media networks gather in a single stream. You can also join conversations, post updates and engage with your followers.

Sprout Social is also a team-friendly tool that allows you to delegate a variety of SMM tasks to teammates, helping you to divide huge workloads.

Collaboration between team members is also enhanced, thanks to live activity updates. This prevents two or more members from posting duplicate messages at once.

Here are some additional features of Sprout Social:

  • Brand monitoring.
  • Google Analytics ensures that thorough analytics is performed.
  • Free reporting on a regular basis helps you to track your social outreach.
  • Sprout Social comes with its very own image editor.
  • Prices range from $99 to $249 monthly. This is evidently costlier than most of the tools discussed above, probably because it’s focused on teams. However, Sprout Social is still a revered HootSuite alternative that is catching on very fast.



Sendible Social Media Management Tool

This is the ideal digital marketing tool for anyone who desires to market his/her brand. Sendible has proven to be more than just a social network scheduling and management tool.

It has a strikingly simple dashboard that allows you to engage with followers and monitor your different social media sites.

Outstanding features of Sendible:

  • It lets your brand grow immensely. For instance, Sendible informs you of any posts talking about your company, even if you are not tagged or mentioned in the post. This helps to increase your following.
  • Team collaboration is made easy. Simply add tasks and assign them to different team members. Check and proofread content before publishing, and share client records with the rest of your team.
  • As with HootSuite, you can juggle between multiple accounts effortlessly. In Twitter, Sendible utilizes a visual tick mark to help you identify those tweets you’ve replied to.
  • RSS publishing allows you to schedule and queue your blog postings. You can also publish on numerous blogs and channels at once.
  • Customer support is responsive and prompt.
  • Sendible also analyses data and trends across your different social platforms.

This tool also sports some impressive SMS and email marketing capabilities to help you generate and maintain your leads. It goes against the grain and succeeds tremendously.

We hope that you enjoyed this roundup and list of 5 Hootsuite alternatives to managing your social media accounts.  Thanks for reading!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.