StudioPress Review: The Top 5 StudioPress Themes for Bloggers (2018)

WordPress is an amazing Content Management System (CMS) and Web Creation tool that offers you a platform to build high quality websites quite easily.

Good news is, you don’t require to learn code to operate WordPress – there are a myriad of inbuilt plugins and prompts that handle this for you. WordPress offers you unlimited themes and plugins to help you customize your website to your precise specifications.

However, this immense freedom also has a downside: with the wide variety of products offered by WordPress, it gets very difficult to make a definite choice.

This is where StudioPress comes in. it is the go-to place for users seeking that all elusive website design they crave for. Sure, WordPress offers around 80 templates from which you can design your site, but users are increasingly demanding for more creativity. Something out of the ordinary.

StudioPress offers many unique themes that aren’t found on WordPress. This StudioPress review will help separate the wheat from the chaff.

How Good is StudioPress?

You’ve probably heard of the Genesis Framework, the most popular WordPress theme framework. StudioPress actually created this framework.

Simply put, Genesis is a complex layer of code that dwells right in the middle WordPress and your preferred theme. The Genesis Framework has a basic appearance and design, but users can enhance those two by installing a child theme built specifically for this framework.

StudioPress Theme Review

StudioPress Themes

If WordPress is your car’s engine, Genesis is the body and frame while StudioPress child themes are the car’s paint job. At least that’s how the StudioPress Team describes it.

There’s an assortment of child themes that you can incorporate, but only those themes specifically built for Genesis Framework will work. Luckily, developers are continually creating Genesis child themes commercially, further enhancing user experience.

StudioPress Review: The benefits of StudioPress Theme Features

From a glance, it’s easy to see why so many website creators are turning to StudioPress to create unique, high quality designs for their sites. Wondering what are the benefits of using Genesis-powered themes for your website? Here they are:

  • Speedy loading times for websites
  • Security is top-notch
  • Mobile users get to enjoy a fully responsive HTML5 design
  • StudioPress boasts of having a clean code much to the delight of many developers
  • Built-in features are kept to a minimum, meaning no bloat
  • User experience is streamlined by ensuring minimal customization options


Top 5 StudioPress Themes for Bloggers (2018)

#1:  Beautiful Pro Theme

This theme offers an immaculate design. Graphics are kept to a minimum, offering a very magnificent theme. You’re offered a default flower homepage, but it’s easy to swap it for a different image that better suits your website or blog.

You can also add widgets to your homepage layout. For instance, you can create a welcome message to greet your visitors once they land on your site. Introduce yourself with the catchy ‘about me’ widget that appears on your homepage.

Beautiful Pro

Apart from adorning a landing page template, the Beautiful Pro StudioPress Theme also features ten unique widget areas where you can display custom content.

There’s also an assortment of sidebar and layout configurations. This theme is an exquisite choice for bloggers who desire more breathing space for their content. It definitely earns a 5/5 from this StudioPress Review.

#2:  Digital Pro Theme

Relatively new to StudioPress, the Digital Pro Theme is already proving to be an attention-grabber. You can create an enticing statement on the homepage area to draw in more visitors.

Digital Pro Theme

Next, you can highlight the services you offer, list down your main selling points and introduce your most recent content. With Digital Pro, you’re able to utilize all the available screen space to the fullest.

This Genesis child theme offers you multiple widget areas, page templates & layouts and a wide array of customizable options.

#3:  Altitude Pro Theme

If you desire to take your business up a notch, Altitude Pro will definitely help. This business theme is ideal for marketing products, services or courses.

Altitude Pro

The Altitude Pro homepage layout features an attractive background image as well as an alluring welcome text. This engages your visitors’ full attention from the get-go, allowing them to read your concise marketing text and later leading them to a call-to-action. 4.5/5 from this StudioPress review.

Here are the highlights of this theme:

  • A splendid parallax effect when scrolling
  • There are seven widget areas on the homepage that allow you to display custom content
  • Multiple sidebar and content configurations
  • There are numerous page templates to choose from. You can personalize background images and colors as well.


#4:  Gallery Pro Theme

If you’re planning to create a photography blog, you’ll love the Gallery Pro Theme. It has a posh appearance yet it manages to maintain a neat, minimalist look.

Gallery Pro Theme

The homepage has an attractive image that’s full of light. There’s also a customizable welcome message that draws viewers in immediately they lay their eyes on your site.

The Gallery Pro Theme offers many layout, page and customization options, allowing you to create a drool-worthy design. Its exquisite typography is simply the icing on the cake.

#5: Infinity Pro Theme

This Infinity Pro Theme is one of the most flexible. It adds a suave look to your digital business, helping you to elevate your unique brand in the process.

Infinity Pro

Powered by the Genesis Framework, Infinity Pro combines elegance and responsiveness into one amazing theme. Better yet, it’s compatible with WooCommerce.

It fully utilizes your dashboard space using a unique background image as well as an array of customizable widgets. It earns a 4.5/5 on this StudioPress Review.

StudioPress Theme Review: Monthly Billing Plan

StudioPress Payment Options



  • StudioPress offers many child themes that are easily customizable
  • You’re given access to the overly responsive Genesis framework
  • The StudioPress package also comes with an assortment of free plugins and marketing tools that are easy to install
  • StudioPress has a world-class support team that will answer your every beck and call
  • StudioPress sites and themes are Search Engine Optimized. They are also more secure and business-oriented.



  • The cheapest StudioPress Plan (Content) costs $24 per month. It’s a tad expensive for ordinary users. But with the numerous plugins and features it offers, you’ll be saving more in the long haul.
  • You’ll likely experience a few bugs, but it’s only natural at this stage.



StudioPress is a robust site development tool that has some pretty impressive themes. Delightfully, it is powered by the Genesis Framework – an overly responsive layer of code that’s not only very secure but also quite fast.

In addition, StudioPress comes with some pretty neat plugins that include OptinMonster and Beaver Builder. The monthly payment plan is something most users can manage. So have a crack at it!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.