You’re Probably Paying Too Much for Your Cell Phone Service: Five Reasons to Switch Now

Settling on a phone service that works best for you is not a walk in the park.  To make this challenge easier, feel free to consider the following as you decide on your purchase.

  1. Avoid Acclimating to a New Device

Enjoy using your current device.  Keep your original phone number by making an adequate change, and keep using the same number you have always maintained.  Be sure to follow your new provider’s instructions when you assign your phone to a cheap service.

Without regard to other issues, you may typically keep your hardware and your phone number if switching is really necessary.  Some carriers try to draw people in by offering the latest phones with requisite plans, though becoming trapped in tricky contracts is a definite possibility.  If you have already paid for your phone for another service, you can unlock that phone from your old provider and change to a cell phone service that actually works.  A new service could also offer a new SIM card.

  1. Avoid Paying For What You Do Not Use

Take a look at the latest statement from your provider.  Is this month the same as other months?  Do you really need to have that great streaming service?  Do you use absolutely everything you buy?  In the interest of removing an unnecessary streaming service, you may have to switch to a new plan, but cheap cell phone services might be easier to manage in terms of perks.  You can employ different perks, paying only for what you will use.  A cheaper service may be much less rigid.  Contracts with major providers might impose burdensome data limits among other forms of online inconveniences.  Regarding the contracts of modest providers, the flexibility of such contracts allow for fewer limitations, and investing in a solid streaming service is not going to snag you into a routine bill that is a lot higher.  Modest carriers enable you to select unique items in order to avoid exorbitantly pricey contracts.  An inexpensive plan may be the singular bastion against you breaking the bank.

  1. Save Money With a Good Plan

Saving a few dollars is never a bad thing, and less expensive cellular plans can help you save money and pay less for immediate bills.  Do not let your plan beat your wallet half to death.  Consider the multitude of ways in which buying a different cell phone plan may alleviate your bill costs in a noticeable way.  Pay for the same stuff while keeping more money in your pocket.  You might even receive better coverage by moving to a different service.  Many believe that they could be saving a couple dollars by having plans cover all bases, including streaming services, but when you compare cheap cell phone services to expensive ones, you will notice that switching will save you more money if you play the long game..

  1. Avoid The Inherent Restrictions of Most Plans

Perhaps the most singular benefit of tapping into the many inexpensive cell phone services is that many of them do not rope you into contracts.  The problem with the biggest cell phone services is that you must sign a contract for a long period of time.  If you fail to keep your contract for the requisite time in that contract, you may be showered with pesky cancellation fees that might add up into quite the behemoth at the end of the day.  It is a fee that you really should not have to pay for.  At the end of your contract, leave the major players behind.  You might not even need them.  Switch to a provider that lets you go month by month.  Getting slammed with bad coverage and high monthly bills just is not worth it.

  1. Improve Coverage Across The Board

More money does not necessarily yield more coverage.  Since many inexpensive cell phone services exist across the same networks as major providers, you may not have access to more coverage with a more popular widespread provider.  In fact, you might see improvements in coverage over your area and save a substantial amount of money simultaneously.  Expansive providers’ coverage maps might display areas within which other providers can offer better coverage.  A coverage map’s revelations may surprise you. Perhaps in spite of how much you pay for your current plan, your social media apps are laughably slow.  Since less expensive cell phone services exist across the same networks as major providers, comparing underdog services to popular services should remain easy.  Discover which plan is best, and forget about high costs and calls that go flat. There is no point in entertaining plans that are not going to work for your budget or your life.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.