Stunt Scooters Buying Guide for Newbies

If you’ve never ridden a stunt scooter in your life, don’t worry! For most people they’re simple enough to use that you can pick it up really fast. But before you get out there riding, you’re going to want to make sure that you have the right scooter for you and your lifestyle. A stunt scooter might be a little different to the usual scooters you know about, so if you’d like some tips and tricks for buying, keep reading.

Stunt Scooter Height
For the most part, stunt scooters don’t tend to have adjustable handlebars. This is for safety reasons, because the scooter is more stable if the handlebars are fixed. It’s also a lot more durable, which is great for long term use of your scooter. When trying to find the right height scooter, you want the handlebars to hit around your belly button or just below. The low position means that your arms will be strong and engaged, making tricks and spins much easier. 

Stunt Scooter Handlebar Width
You want the handlebars of the stunt scooter to be about as wide as your shoulders. This will allow for more stability and help when you’re doing jumps and whips. Because stunt scooters tend to be chosen based on the rider’s height, as long as you’re buying a scooter that is the correct height for you, the handlebars should be a good fit for you.

The Weight of the Scooter
If you’re looking to get quite advanced on your stunt scooter and want to eventually learn how to do tricks and maybe even head to a skate park with it, then the weight of the scooter will play a factor. A heavier scooter will be harder to move around and will make doing tricks even harder. A lighter scooter will be made with more expensive materials, so will in general cost more, but I think it is worth the additional price to be able to do more with it.

Try a Few Before You Buy
If you can try a few stunt scooters before you commit financially, all the better. Trying a few different scooters can help you feel more confident about which scooter will work best for you. If you’re allowed, take them for a little test run to see how they feel. If any of your friends or family members have stunt scooters, why not give their scooter a try before you buy your own. 

Stunt scooters can be such a fun hobby and a real gateway into a more active lifestyle. I hope these buying tips help make the process of buying a stunt scooter even easier.


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