Workplace Protection From Major Air Pollutants

As you probably know, the workplace can be hazardous if the right protective measures are not in place. There are a significant number of things that can affect a person’s ability to properly work, with safety being a major concern for workplace productivity. Knowing that you are in a dangerous environment limits the ability to get any meaningful work done as the fear of injury is always present.

There are common factors for workplace safety, like heights and unsturdy material, and then there are less apparent factors. Air pollutants can cause significant damage to your lungs and impact your long term health, keeping you out of work for some time if it gets bad. Here are some ways in which you can ensure that air pollutants are no longer a concern in the workplace:

Air Filtration

Air filters are the number one way in which people can combat air pollutants at work places. These filters come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and shapes. Mostly, they can be for windows or HVAC systems, and help keep out a good amount of pollutants. Even businesses that have specialized needs, or want custom sizes, can find a filtration system/filters for their workplace. The air filters at, show how the dimensions of custom made filters allow for your workplace to find something that fits into tight spaces, or unique sized spaces. In any case, air filters are one of the best ways to prevent air pollutants, and they can even be custom sized to fit your workplace needs.

Protective Gear

Face masks and other protective gear is handy to keep around the workplace. Making sure that you have enough gear for workers is a must when working on sites that pose the risk of air pollutants. The goal is to have portable and easily equippable gear that can be kept on hand at any time. Dust can be shaken loose out of crevices or, as is this case on construction sites, form after a demolition. White surgical style masks are cheap and readily available from most stores, and even more extensive equipment can be purchased online for heavy duty workplace air pollutant needs, like gas masks.


Aside from air filtration, you want to be able to ventilate indoor areas. Open windows allow for air to circulate, so if there is a build up of dust, it can be released through these open windows. Even fans can help move air out from specific areas indoors too. Keeping a good air flow in the workspace prevents the build up of air pollutants, but these measures are mostly for dust. Other more potentially dangerous air particles should be taken more seriously than just ventilation from an open window or fan, it is just that these solutions are simple. At outdoor work sites, like construction or labor sites, strong outdoor fans can work the same way. Other than that, ventilation systems might be needed for bigger concerns with regards to ventilation needs.

Air Quality Testing 

One good way to ensure that a workplace is protected from major air pollutants is to regularly conduct air quality testing. The reason for this is that you can accurately gauge how good the air is in the workspace, and adjust using the other protective measures if needed. These tests can be done with the proper equipment if you know what you are doing, but most of the time it pays to get someone trained to come in. They know the readings, and they know the level of danger that could be present from any pollutants. Some things that many people might not consider when checking the air quality are humidity levels, odor, water damage, and mold growth. These are concerns that the average person does not associate with air pollutants, they simply think of dust or asbestos. The reality is that there are more kinds of air pollutants, and causes for pollutants, than you know about, so a professional air quality test can help you find any concerns earlier, rather than later.

Protecting the workplace from air pollutants is just as important as protection from electrical damage, fires, and falls. The amount of serious, long term health problems that arise from harmful particles in the air is a serious threat to worker safety. These tips can help any workplace reach ideal protection from airborne dangers. Simple protective measures help work flow smoothly, and more importantly, keep the workers from dealing with these irritations. Simple, yet highly effective.


James Lang

James is the Editor of Small Business Sense. His background includes freelance ghostwriting about things that impact SMEs, startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. He hasn't had a boss in more than six years, and hopes his content will help you fire yours.