Why You Should Partner With a Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing refers to a digital marketing strategy involving creation and distribution of various forms of content. This can include written materials, graphics, and videos. Content marketing agencies can help you attain the results you seek by producing and sharing these materials on your behalf. They are experts at ensuring that each piece of content generates leads and closes sales. 

You may want to consider partnering with an experienced content marketing agency if you don’t have an in-house marketing department to take care of these duties and responsibilities. 

Pros of Content Marketing

Before you decide whether or not you should partner with a content marketing agency, you need to know the benefits of content strategies. You may have an active social presence and a website, but you need effective content to keep them alive. Here’s why you should invest in content marketing:

Expanding Reach

The best way to drive organic traffic to your site is through building content on your webpages. Organic traffic refers to the footfall that automatically comes through internet search results, like Google. This is different from someone using your site’s URL directly or paid advertising. 

Organic traffic is important to all businesses since they provide leads consistently without any added cost. The content you publish on your web pages stays alive and allows search engines to locate it month after month. However, you need to follow basic SEO practices, and this is where a content marketing agency comes in. For instance, they can set up a blog for you which will allow you to acquire backlinks by creating relevant additional web pages.

Improving Brand Awareness

It is true that no brand that stays hidden ever develops a following. You need to get out there if you want people to identify with your brand. You can educate your readers by posting digital content around brand awareness. You can also hope to reach a wider audience pool than what your website would allow. 

Most businesses make the rookie mistake of creating content pertaining to their industry and products. However, digital marketing agencies would encourage you to broaden your audience pool by writing about things that your brand stands for. 

Improved Lead Generation

Written content goes a long way in generating leads for a fraction of the cost. It is less expensive than digital advertising or conventional outbound practices. Content stays alive long after ad campaigns end. You could see conversion rates up to 6 times higher by investing in a sound content marketing strategy. 

The content you publish keeps working tirelessly for your brand as long as it is relevant. You can easily share or post content that you wrote a year ago on social media if you want to generate leads quickly without having to spend money on advertisement.

Delighting Customers

There is more to content than just lead generation. You can use it for keeping in touch with existing clientele. For instance, you can update your FAQs space to answer real and pressing issues faced by your customers. 

More times than not, existing customers are the real source of revenue and income. You could expand your services or offer upgrades to your customers. This can be driven by a well-thought of content strategy. You could use a contact database with segmentation tools to make sure that the message gets delivered to the intended audience.

Why Hire a Content Marketing Agency?

Not many businesses can afford a fully-staffed marketing department. And, even if they could, there are several disadvantages to keeping content marketing in-house. For instance, by outsourcing content related work, you free up your resources to focus on operational work that requires your direct attention. 

Content marketing agencies can also help from time to time by taking on additional tasks that your team may not have the time for. There are several reasons for hiring an agency. They have the industry expertise and technical know-how to expand your market reach and abilities without adding on to your overhead cost with additional employees. 

You won’t have to hire workers or additional supervisors to oversee their work. It can take a long time to get started on seeing results with the in-house marketing department. However, a content marketing agency is already staffed and ready to get to work. You don’t have to waste time training new staff as the agency already has the experience you require for launching your campaigns. 

Here are a few other reasons for you to partner with content marketing agencies:

Instant Access to Expertise

Content marketing agencies are experienced, knowledgeable, and in the industry for a long time. They are ready with their skill pool required to bring in the results from your marketing campaigns. You don’t need to hire multiple professionals to achieve your results. 

Cost Efficient

You can save significant amounts of money on salaries and overhead by outsourcing few or all of your marketing tasks. You could also get to save on marketing software if you hire an agency already partnered with software providers. Content marketing agencies allow for improved ROI as well. 

Support for Sales

Content marketing consultants are basically a team of talented and creative people. They could be the oomph you need for your marketing strategy and sales team. They could help you create branded leave-behinds, sales decks, email scripts, one-pages and more. 

Fresh Insight

There is nothing better than brainstorming where improving lead generation and sales are concerned. You can get various sets of new ideas and get a fresh outside perspective on your current strategies. This won’t just reveal things you are missing out on, but also opportunities for achieving results. 

Resource Optimization

You are not directly involved in managing a marketing team. This allows you to free up your time and resources to focus on other tasks. All you need to worry about is the results you get from a particular content strategy. You don’t have to worry about how resources are allotted or whether time-sensitive tasks are completed on time.

There are a lot of other reasons for partnering with a content marketing agency. Make sure you hire experienced, competitive, and results-oriented professionals to get the job done. 

Richard Parker