How To Make Your Home Office Suit Your Needs

A home office can be a great addition if you are self-employed. Your own personal zone removed from the chaos of children and pets. A private place nobody may intrude on where you can get on with your work in safety and comfort, without having to worry about chores or intrusion. You should always make sure your family knows that when you are in your home office they are not to come in unless it is a matter of urgency, so not to disrupt your schedule and your work.

Decorating your home office to your own taste is important. It is also important, as will be mentioned later, to have a direct landline, for professionalism and to combat bad credit phone contracts, so your colleagues and potential contracts can contact you directly. When working from home it is important to cultivate an air of professionalism, so to encourage potential clients to do business with you.

You Need a Good Computer

If you are working from home and self-employed it is important you have a computer that can keep up with the amount of work, you will inevitably be doing. Often in an office the computers are not great, but there are another hundred in a cupboard somewhere should one fail, and everything is backed up on the intranet. At home, this is not the case, and while you may be connected to the cloud, you may not have a back-up computer ready to immediately take your computer’s place. This is why you should not hold back on buying the best performance computer, you possibly can maximize work efficiency and keep you constantly at work.

Make Sure You Keep Cool, or Warm

Depending on the climate that you work in, it is important that you regulate the temperature in your office to keep the cool body temperature. If you are not comfortable then you will not work as efficiently. If you work in a hot and humid climate, you should invest in a dehumidifier and a fan to keep the room cool and dry, whereas if you work in an extremely cold climate, central heating aside, you should invest in a portable heater to keep the room nice and toasty.

Get a Good Desk!

This cannot be stressed enough. You should invest in a desk appropriate for the amount of work you are doing; you do not want to be working at a desk that does not have enough drawers so that your desk is constantly haphazardly scattered with paperwork. You can find good quality and economically priced desk from many outlets and department stores. The bigger, the better, that way you can fit your printer and scanner on top of the desk, and your fan and lamp.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable!

This is another point that cannot be stressed enough. If you are going to be sitting down behind a desk for hours in a day it is important not only for your physical health, such as your posture and joints, and your mental health, that you find a chair that is both comfortable and appropriate. Do not go out and buy a leather recliner, but don’t sit on a wooden chair. Hours sat at a desk can wreak havoc on your back, so be sure to purchase a chair that is designed for comfort at work.

Be Sure To Get a Telephone

While conventional corded telephones are out of favor, you should definitely invest in a landline for your desk. Using a mobile phone professionally, especially if you are working from home, can appear very unprofessional and quite careless. You should have a private phone number strictly for potential clients or anyone you work with to ring, so they can get you directly at your desk without calling a mobile phone.

Wall Art and Wallpaper

When designing a home office, it is important to make the room, to you at least, seem professional, as you will be working there. If you inundate the room with too many home comforts, you may end up spending all day reclining on your chair and idling away on video sites, social media, and playing games. Be sure you decorate your walls appropriately with art, watercolors, and family photographs. However, you decide to decorate your home office to make sure that you decorate it effectively and personally to your own tastes. 

It is important also that when working from home, as aforementioned, you completely shut your family out of your working space, so they do not feel comfortable coming in. It can be detrimental to your success being self-employed if you have constant disruptions distracting you and causing you to mess up your work. Simply politely remind them if they do that they are not to come in, and perhaps invest in a sign to put on the door that reminds them when you’re working they’re not welcome.


Annika Bansal

Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.