Why You Should Consider Designating A Coffee Area In Your Office

Coffee lovers love to work in an environment where coffee is readily available. They always start their day with a cup of coffee to energize their mind and body and jumpstart the day with a smile after that cup. Having a coffee area in the workplace is now becoming a trend. Even for visitors, there is a coffee offered at the reception lounge. This is an added benefit for employees and a good way to welcome visitors and clients on the company premises. So, why is having a coffee area a big deal?

Being stuck in a cubicle for eight hours every day can be a nightmare for workers. This can be a reason for being stressed out and even cause exhaustion, too. So employers can avoid this by giving their employees coffee breaks and the best thing is to provide a coffee space where they can breathe and relax for a while. By providing a coffee area, it does not only add as a perk to the employees, but there are also benefits for the company that can come along with it: 

Social Interaction

In most companies, coffee break serves as the time for their employees to interact and share their stories. Without being stuck in their cubicles, the coffee area serves as a place for them to become relaxed and exchange their ideas with people outside their work table. It is also a way of creating that culture of having quality time in the office. It breaks down social barriers between employees.

It also serves as a collaborative workspace among the employees. Instead of sitting around a conference table, they make their coffee time a venue for talking about work-related issues and share their opinions about it. It promotes an environment that they enjoy apart from their office desks. 

Efficiency at Work

Studies show that giving small breaks for coffee can improve a worker’s efficiency. If for instance, they are given the chance to get a refill of their cup they are having this time to refresh their minds, rather than being strict on them not having any breaks at all. This can be a problem because it can dampen their productivity. The majority of employees are fueled by coffee. 

When employees feel sleepy, and there is coffee readily available, there is a low risk of seeing employees reported sleeping on duty. They also feel important if they are given this benefit of having coffee all the time because they know their employer thinks about ways to keep them focused and awake.

Increases Productivity

Having a coffee area in the workplace can stimulate alertness among employees. According to coffee experts from Purebean, caffeine boosts brain activity and keeps them focused on what they are supposed to do. Giving the employees access to coffee stations or providing a coffee maker in the work area will help them become alert, and thus improve their work.

Imagine an employee who is lousy and has less energy to do his task, this employee is likely to commit more mistakes rather than someone who is all energized with coffee. Mistakes will lead to rework or unfinished tasks, but if the employees are awake, there is less error made and no repetitive tasks will happen, thus, they increase productivity.

Productive Meetings

In addition to the fact that caffeine boosts energy, experts also claim that it has a great effect on how people retain information. Whenever they attend meetings or conferences, coffee availability will enhance their memory. When they have a dose of coffee, there is a greater chance that the meeting will be more productive and the employees will be expected to become more efficient during the meeting because they were able to absorb new information faster.

Improves Employee Morale

With the presence of a coffee area in the office, employees are motivated to come to work and it makes them excited to go to work each day. It also makes them feel good, especially if they were not able to get a cup of coffee for breakfast before leaving their home, they know that they can still enjoy a cup or two at their workplace. 

Investing in a coffee area in the office is beneficial for both the employee and employer. It is a win-win situation because it does not only make the employees feel happy and special but because of their productive output from having a coffee area, even the employers will get a good return on investment. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.