Why Metal Business Cards Are Making a Come Back

In the 21st century, the exchange of information has shifted from paper to online networks such as social media, Google, LinkedIn, etc. The business community has also jumped on the bandwagon, and are communicating mainly through emails. This trend has led to the decline of the once-popular business cards. Thanks to modern tech, there is a new type of metal business cards. This shift has quite a lot of positive points in marketing. Here are the ten most important points:

  • Comparison

In the past, people used to have paper cards to publicize their business, but now this has shifted to the handy metal business cards which come in different formats and are easy to find. The unique design of metal business cards helps people to differentiate them from their paper counterparts and easily use them to publicize their business.

  • Impression

The metal business cards have a unique, eye-catching effect on the clients. This particular effect was missing in the paper business cards as they all were quite similar. Metal business cards are different, and people like to keep them just because of their premium appeal. They are stylish, eye-catching, unique, and bold. Even small businesses, if powered by metal business cards, can have a lasting effect on the clients.

  • Boost conversation

Sometimes it’s quite challenging to start a conversation with a business prospect. The metal business card acts as a bridge between the business and the client. It is instrumental in breaking the ice and starting a healthy, business-boosting conversation. Here you can quickly cash your card and start a conversation, which can lead to the client’s insights. Furthermore, the client will feel interested in doing business with you from the premium effect that is cast by your card.

  • For all industries

The metal business cards come with a variety of designs that customers can choose per their business needs. The paper cards have fixed shapes, but metal business cards can be of any shape or size. This trend allows the metal business card to reflect the person’s business without even letting someone to read the context. This trend further helps in marketing your business, which can be from any industry. 

  • Durable

The most crucial point to ponder is the durability of the metal business cards. These metal cards are permanent.  The longer the card stays, the more chances it has to be recognized by various individuals. It can help with recommendations. The more suggestions you have, the more leads you generate. Simple as that.

  • Long term investment

Let’s talk about the cost of metal business cards. The metal business cards cost way more than the paper cards due to their quality and durability. Metal business cards’ ROI is way more than the typical paper cards. Think about the long-term investment and the new bold, eye-catching look these cards give your business. Some other sources of marketing can be minimized just by having these metal cards. 

  • Shows preparation

The metal business cards also help in marketing as they are a symbol of development. These cards are expensive, and people only share them with strong business prospects. This idea proves to the client that you are prepared to do business with him. This trend casts a good impression. So just by the use of metal business cards, your business can have a unique place in the subconscious of your target market. The existing business can also make use of this strategy to enhance their marketing.

  • Sophistication

The metal business cards are easy to customize and can change according to the requirement of the user. The user can be either select bold and bright colors. The metal business cards will also give a youthful touch to your business. You can also go for platinum or gold business cards if you want to show a mature and strong business background. These customizations will surely increase the interest of the clients, and strengthen the market of your business.

  • Attract clients

The client is most probably unaware of the market trends and is ready to invest anywhere. The most important thing is to differentiate your business and have a powerful impact on the customer. Differentiation will occur through your customized cards. As soon as the customer sets eyes on the card, his mind and heart will automatically be interested in your business. He will not only keep the card as a souvenir but will approach you as he is already attracted. Hence the marketing of your business gets comfortable, and no extra effort needed.

  • Saving Resources

Paper cards are not environment-friendly. Many trees are pulled down to make paper business cards. The wood taken from these trees is then processed into paper, and this paper is printed to make business cards. The loss of trees causes an adverse effect on the climate, and it also loosens the soil. As already our environment is under severe crisis, this adds further fuel to fire and causes much damage. So, to prevent this, metal business cards should be preferred in every way. They not only help save the environment but also market your business in a beautiful way.


These 10 points reflect the benefit of having metal business cards. How they can help to market a business. If you want to improve your marketing, you need to use metal business cards. These cards are great to impress your clients. If you are targeting converting sales, you must use these cards. Many people around the world use paper business cards to their advantage. It is not late for you to start using them. Paper cards are harmful to nature. If you need to take your business to the next level, you need to use metal business cards. Metal Business Cards are great to make an impact in the market. Get your business some metal cards and make use of modern marketing techniques to boost business further.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.